Destroyed, But…

Hosea 13:9
“O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help.”

Do you find yourself needing help? One of the things I am constantly asked since I became a pastor is if I can help. Oftentimes the help that is requested is financial help. At other times, the help that is requested is for advice on how to get out of a situation an individual is facing. My response to those who have a financial need is that I don’t have the money to help them, but I do know to Whom they can go to get financial help. When people ask my advice for help about a situation in life, I often tell them what I believe will help them, but I always tell them that God is the source of help they need who can help them with their problems no matter how big or how desperate their situation may seem.

God makes a statement to His people in the verse above to which every believer should heed. He says, “O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself…” Most of the problems that we face in life are self-created. Sadly, we get ourselves into most of the troubles we face in life. We are not destroyed because of what others have done to us, but we are destroyed because of what we have done to ourselves.

However, one of the greatest truths in the Scriptures that should encourage every believer is one phrase that God says after He says that they destroyed themselves. God says, “…but in me is thine help.” In other words, though we get ourselves into a mess, God is willing to clean up the mess. Though we are our own problem, God is still willing to help us get out of the adverse situations that we have created. Several thoughts from this verse can help you when you find yourself in the same situation that Israel found itself in when they destroyed themselves.

First, no matter how bad your situation may be, there is always hope for help. God says, “…but in me is thine help.” God used a present tense word to describe how present His help is for the believer. You may have created your own mud hole, but God is willing to get you out of it. The fact that help is present should be enough to give you hope that you don’t have to stay in your destructive situation.

Second, God is the only hope for help. This verse didn’t say that in counseling there is help, but in God there is help. He didn’t say that in vice there is help, but in God there is help. You will continue to miss your source of help from your bad situations as long as you avoid God and run to every other source. Your situation will never change as long as you avoid the real source of help which is God. The sooner you run to God for help, the sooner you will find the help to get out of bad situations in which you have placed yourself.

Third, God is merciful enough to help you even though you are your own problem. The biggest word in the verse above is, “…but…” This three letter word is God’s mercy. You have destroyed yourself, but God’s mercy steps in and is willing to save you. God’s mercy will always step in to save you from your self-made problems if you will cry out to Him for help.

My friend, do you need help? Do you find yourself having to deal with your self-made problems and thinking there is no way out? Let me encourage you that God is willing to help you even though you have made your own problems. If you will humble yourself and cry out to God for help, He is willing to help and will help.

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