2 Chronicles 2:1
“And Solomon determined to build an house for the name of the LORD, and an house for his kingdom.”

One of the greatest reasons Solomon was successful in building the house of the LORD is found in the verse above. It says, “And Solomon determined…” One word is what made everything happen. One word is what turned a dream into reality. One word caused him to prepare and organize. One word caused him to work through difficulties. One word is what brought him to completion. The one word that made everything happen was “determined.”

You will never accomplish anything great without being determined. You will always find that the difference between those who do great things and those who don’t is determination. Determination looks past race, intellect, talent, and education and makes things happen. If you want to do anything great for the LORD, you are going to have to be determined to make it happen. Let me share with you several observations about the importance of being determined.

First, determination leads to action. One of the greatest reasons people sit instead of build is because they lack determination. A person without determination will never have the initiative to do anything. Determination is what takes a dream and turns it into reality. Many people have had big dreams, but those dreams faded into memory because they lacked the determination to turn it into reality. You will always find that if you are determined that you will find the initiative to make your dreams come true. Your dreams will become a mirage if you lack determination.

Second, determination is what activates faith. It is much easier to live by faith when you are determined to make something happen. Faith doesn’t seem so impossible when you have determination. It was David’s determination to kill Goliath that caused him to act by faith to pursue Goliath. Abraham’s determination to become a father of a great nation is what motivated him to step out by faith and leave everything behind. Noah’s determination is what kept his faith alive to continue building the ark for one hundred and twenty years. All the great works in the Scriptures were done because those people were determined, and their determination made their faith not seem impossible.

Third, determination makes you work through hard. I’m sure there were times when Solomon faced difficult circumstances in building the house of the LORD, but his determination is what pushed him through those hard times. Quitting is always the option for those who have no determination. The married couple who have no determination to make their marriage work will always opt for the easy way out through divorce. The believer who has no determination to make their ministry grow will find excuses to quit and do something else. The person fighting sickness goes against all odds to make it through their treatments because of their determination. You will find that the only thing that will make you work through hard is your determination.

Fourth, determination is what brings you to the finish line. The thing that made Solomon finish the work was that he was determined. My friend, you will never do anything great, nor will you ever complete anything if you don’t have determination. Determination is the want-to you must have to make the difficult and the impossible reality. If you will get determined, finishing will eventually become your reality.

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