Distinct Sound

1 Corinthians 14:8
“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”

The verse above is part of a dialogue where God is dealing with people speaking in tongues. The church of Corinth was such a worldly church that they had brought in doctrines that were not scriptural. One of those false doctrines was speaking in tongues. One of the main arguments against this heretical doctrine is that it gave an “uncertain sound.” In other words, there was no distinction between what was being said. It led to a life without faith. The main point God was driving home was that the sound needed to be distinct so that all would understand what was being said.

Though the verse above is talking about tongues, I believe it also gives scriptural principles on how to find God’s will in your life. When a person is trying to discern if something is God’s will, they are trying to make the uncertain sound in their heart and conscience and distinct one. In these verses, there are several principles that will help you to make a distinct sound in determining God’s will for your life.

In determining God’s will for your life, you must first ascertain what the Scriptures say. Part of the reason that God is against tongues is because it gives an “uncertain sound.” The Scriptures are the only source that gives clarity to uncertainty. If you want to find God’s will for your life, you must silence the uncertain sounds by finding the clarity of God’s Word.

Second, you must ask yourself if what you are doing is being done in secret. One of the reasons tongues is wrong is because it is unknown. Likewise, when determining the will of God, you must be sure that what you are doing is not being done with deceit. If what you want to do is the right thing, you won’t be afraid to talk to others about it. You will always know that something is not God’s will when you have to do it with deceit and secrecy.

Third, you must ask yourself what experience says when determining God’s will. So what you want to do is unknown; you must then ask yourself what have others done when in your situation. The experience of others will speak volumes as to the right and wrong of what you desire to do. One of the reasons you go for counsel is because you are getting the experience of others from someone who has helped so many.

Fourth, determine whether something is God’s will by determining if it is edifying. God is against tongues because it is not edifying to the church. God’s will always grows the Christian; it will grow your faith, and it will grow your relationship with God. If what you want to do doesn’t take you in a forward direction, you will know that it is not God’s will for your life. God expects the Christian to be fruitful, and going backwards is an unfruitful direction. God expects every action to produce fruit; thus, it is wrong if what you want to do isn’t fruitful.

Fifth, you can ascertain God’s will by asking your spirit. Your spirit will tell you much about what you want to do. Often people will talk about their gut instinct, which is nothing more than the Spirit of God either warning or prodding a person to do or not to do something. Listen to your spirit as the Spirit speaks to you. Listening to the Spirit will keep you from doing the wrong thing.

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