Distinctly Different

Revelation 14:3
“And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.”

The saved are to be different from the world. When the lost person looks at the saved, they should see a distinct difference in their lives. When you got saved, you were saved from a world that destroys lives, and you should live like the life you were saved to live is worth living.

In the verse above, God points out one hundred and forty and four thousand people who were redeemed from their sin. These people were pointed out, not because they are the only ones who would get saved, but because of the distinction they made with their lives. If you are going to please the LORD, you must be distinctly different from everyone else. Let me point out to you what the LORD is looking for in your life that will make you distinctly different.

First, you must not be ashamed to be identified with the LORD to be distinctly different. Verse 1 says about these redeemed that they had the “Father’s name written in their foreheads.” One thing I will never understand is why any believer would be ashamed to identify with the One Who saved them from Hell. You should feel so privileged to be saved that it is the least thing you could do to identify with the Saviour Who saved you.

Second, you should live a pure life. You will never be distinctly different from the world by living in immorality. Verse 4 says about these redeemed that they “were not defiled with women.” Though this world has no issue with being immoral, the believer should see the wrong with it and desire to never fall into immorality.

Third, you should follow the LORD without reserve. One thing that stands out about these redeemed in verse 4 is that they followed “the Lamb whithersoever” He went. You will never be distinctly different when you follow the world more than you follow Christ. No matter where the LORD’s life leads you, you should always be willing to follow Him. If the LORD’s will leads you to full-time Christian service, or it leads you to do something in your church, you should have no reservation about doing what the LORD would want you to do.

Fourth, you should live a separated life from the world. You cannot be distinctly different when you look like the world. Verse 4 says about these redeemed, “These were redeemed from among men…” You can’t be distinctly different from the world and be like the world. The believer who complains about separation and holiness standards is the believer who is more concerned with being aligned to the world than to Christ.

Fifth, you should be a person of truth if you want to be distinctly different. Verse 5 says about the redeemed, “…in their mouth was found no guile.” Your word should be so trusted because you always speak the truth that nobody would believe anyone who said you were not truthful.

My friend, is your life distinctly different from the world? You should desire to be so much like Christ that being distinctly different is no issue with you. The believer whose life is distinctly different from the world will be the believer whose witness for Christ will make the most significant impact.

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