Do You Smell the Water?

Job 14:9
“Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant.”

One of the saddest things I have heard in a long time happened in a church where I was preaching a two-day conference. It was the last night of the meeting, and the LORD directed me to preach a sermon on soul winning. It was an amazing service as the Holy Spirit moved on the hearts of the people to recommit to soul winning.

After the service that night, one of the visitors who attended another Baptist church in the area talked with me about how they used to hear that type of preaching when they were younger. They said to me that they used to hear preaching on soul winning, but their church had strayed away from this type of preaching to the point that their teenage child had to ask the pastor what I meant by soul winning. That night when I preached, that person was stirred as they used to be because of the preaching of God’s Word.

Job 14:7-9, talks about the hope of a tree that is cut down can sprout again through the scent of water. Even though the roots of the tree grew old, and the stock had died, all that tree needed was to get a scent of water before it would begin to bud again to become a lively plant.

My friend, there is always hope for every believer no matter how long it has been since they were involved to see fruit again in their life if they will get a scent of water. Do you remember those days in your life when you were serving the LORD with energy and vibrance? Do you remember those days when you were involved and saw people saved on a weekly basis? Do you remember those times when the preaching of the Word of God stirred your heart to do more for the LORD? All it takes is a scent of water to get you going again. What is the scent of water?

The scent of water is the preaching of God’s Word. Nothing will stir your soul to do something for the LORD like old paths preaching. One of the reasons you need to be sure to stay in a church that has passionate, old paths preaching that stirs and convicts your soul is so that you can get a scent of water that keeps you reaching the lost for Christ. Let me ask you; do you smell the water through the preaching of God’s Word? God always uses preaching to help stir the believer to become fruitful again.

Moreover, the scent of water can be smelled through the reading of God’s Word. It is God’s Word that pierces deeply into the soul to bring back the fires that once used to burn in your heart. You will never get a whiff of water if you don’t read God’s Word. God’s Word is like the gentle breeze that brings the distant scent of water to your dying Christianity. It is the Word of God that can stir your soul again to become fruitful in reaching the lost for Christ.

Furthermore, the scent of water can be smelled through prayer. When you spend time alone in prayer, you will get a scent of water that stirs the faith in your heart to do something great for the LORD. Your faith will die if you never pray; however, your faith will be revived through a season of prayer. You may feel that your days of fruitfulness are over, but you will smell the scent of water if you will let the Holy Spirit through prayer be that gentle breeze that brings the scent of water your way to cause your old roots to sprout again.

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