Don’t Chase Them Away

1 Samuel 28:5
“And when Saul saw the host of the Philistines, he was afraid, and his heart greatly trembled.”

The verse above shows a very lonely man who found himself in a situation where nobody could or would help him. Saul faced the Philistine army, and he knew that he didn’t have the power to defeat him. His only answer to find an answer was to go to a woman with a familiar spirit to ask her to bring up Samuel from the grave.

One can only read the verse above with a broken heart for this man who once had everything going for him. However, it was his own fault that he found himself in this situation. Saul chased everyone away who helped him in the past, and he now found himself as a lonely man with nobody to help him. He chased David away and had a contract on his life when David was the man who helped Saul experience great victories as the king. He chased away all the men who followed David who of themselves were mighty warriors. He chased away the presence and blessing of God because of his rebellion and pride which kept him from humbling himself to get right with the God Who would have helped him. Saul chased away every person who had helped him, which left him as a lonely and helpless man.

My friend, life is very short, and if you become a person who continually chases people away, you will find yourself in the same situation as Saul that in your greatest time of need, or when you become old, you will find yourself helpless and lonely. There are several lessons this story of Saul should bring to your attention that will help you in years to come if you will heed its wisdom.

First, everybody at some point will benefit you in your time of need. The men who followed David were men who once followed Saul, but these men were chased away because of something bad in their past. You must be careful about allowing your ego to think you are better than others. You will be surprised how those who you think are worthless can become your biggest assets in your time of need. A better-than-you attitude will chase many people away from you who could help you in the future.

Second, your frenemy can most likely be an asset to you if you don’t try to destroy them. Just because you don’t like something about someone doesn’t mean you should discard them from your life. Every person has some character traits that can annoy you, but you can’t chase them away because they don’t fit into your picture of what you think every person should be. Have you ever thought that maybe God placed your frenemy into your life to grow you to be more accepting of people? Just because you don’t like some annoying character trait about someone doesn’t mean you should run them off.

Third, every person can be a great asset if you treat them with dignity. David was Saul’s greatest asset, but he treated him as his greatest threat. David could have helped Saul with the Philistines, but David didn’t feel safe in his presence. I have watched many leaders treat people with disdain and eventually run them off; people who could have helped them if they were treated with respect.

You are going to get old someday, and you are going to face a battle at some point when you are going to need friends. Always remember that everyone is an asset who can be a help to you in your time of need if you don’t run them off.

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