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Luke 9:32 “But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: and when they were awake, they saw his glory, and the two men that stood with him.”

In the verse above, there is a great truth that will keep you from living a life of regret if you will learn this truth and apply it. This verse says that Peter and the two other disciples with him “were heavy with sleep.” In other words, they were sleeping while the Saviour was praying. When they awoke, “they saw his glory.” However, you must wonder what did they missed because they were asleep. What did Jesus do that caused Him to be transfigured? The answer to this question will never be known because Peter, James, and John were asleep. Yes, they may have been tired, but had they known what was about ready to happen, they would have stayed awake to see what it took to make it happen. I wonder if these men ever looked back with regret after Jesus ascended to Heaven wishing they could have learned what Jesus did to make this happen.

My friend, God has placed people in your life that if you don't pay attention to what they do, you will miss some of the greatest lessons that their life will teach. Lessons of life are more than just asking questions, though you should never be afraid to ask questions of men of God, but you will learn much more from them if you pay attention to everything they do and how they do it.

My pastor for many years was Dr. Jack Hyles. I learned many things from him; some of the things I learned were from him was because I asked him questions, but many things I learned from him was because I paid attention to everything he did and how he did it. Most of life’s lessons that you could learn from men of God are missed because people don't pay attention to what these men do.

The disciples didn't know what was going to happen on that mount that night, and had they known it, they would have paid attention. You never know when God is going to do something through someone, and that is why you must pay attention. You don’t know what is or is not important; therefore, you pay attention to everything. Let me give you a couple of areas where you must pay attention.

First, pay attention to everything your leaders do. They often say that the best education is on-the-job training, but on-the-job training is done by paying attention to those who are leading you. You must learn to study those whom God has placed in your life. I believe one of the reasons there was an inner three disciples that Jesus invested in more is because these three paid more attention than the others. If you will be a student of the men of God in your life by paying attention to everything they do, you won’t have to look back in regret wishing you would have given more attention to how they do things.

Second, pay attention to what they say. The keyword here is listen. Men of God don't say things by accident, but they say things on purpose. If you are too busy talking or letting your mind wander, you are going to miss life-changing statements they make that will help you in the future.

Third, pay attention to how they respond to situations. Their response to situations are lessons for your future response when you face the same situations. You will face those situations, so learn now how to respond by paying attention to how men of God respond to their life situations.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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