Don’t Miss the Present

Job 29:2-3
“Oh that I were as in months past, as in the days when God preserved me; When his candle shined upon my head, and when by his light I walked through darkness;”

Job made a statement that he wished everything could be like it was in the past. Certainly, Job was going through hard times, but I don’t believe his past was as great as he imagined. Job looked at the past and remembered the good, but I believe he made the mistake of not remembering some of the struggles he had during those times when God’s candle shined upon him. Yes, the past may have been good-ole days, but those good-ole days also had hardships that he endured.

There is nothing wrong with remembering the past. When you get together with people, you often talk about those great stories of incidents from the past. Some of those incidents were certainly enjoyable, but many of the things we look at in the past were struggles that we look at now as great times. However, many people miss the blessings of the present because they are always looking to the past. Many people look at what they used to have and try to compare it to what they presently have and miss great blessings because they never feel that the present is as good as the past. Let me share some advice with you on how to properly look at the past and the present.

First, don’t forget the past is filled with the same struggles, doubts, hardships and battles that you endure today. Don’t view the past by glazing over the hardships you endured. You will make yourself depressed in the present if you don’t remember the hard times you endured in the past. Yes, your past may be filled with blessings, but blessings never come without struggle.

Second, don’t live in the past and miss the blessings of the present. If all you do is live in the past, you will miss the blessings of today that will be the good memories of tomorrow. Many believers ruin their future memories because they refuse to stop living in the past. My friend, there are many blessings that you have today in spite of all the hardships you are enduring. You always have to remember that today has as many blessings as the past, but you won’t see those blessings if you continue to compare the present to the past. Don’t allow your past to rob you of your blessings today. Enjoy the remembrance of past blessings, but don’t miss God’s blessings in the present.

Third, enjoy the present blessings because you won’t always have them. Job found out the hard way how quickly you can lose the blessings of God. You had better enjoy the blessings of your family now because you won’t always have family. You had better enjoy the blessings of your spouse now because your spouse won’t live forever. You had better enjoy the blessings of God upon your church in the present because those blessings can quickly flee and become a distant past.

Let me ask you; are you guilty of missing today’s blessings because you refuse to shut the door on the past? Your past may have been great, but your present can be just as great if you will give it a chance. Let me remind you that your present is being written whereas your past is a completed book. If you don’t enjoy the blessings of the present, you will cause the book of your present to have a sad ending when it is finished.

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