Dying on Leftovers

Exodus 16:20
“Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it until the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them.”

Are you the type of person who thinks leftovers taste better than freshly cooked food? I am not a leftover person. I love the taste of freshly cooked food. Whenever I have to eat leftovers, the freshness isn’t what it was when it was first cooked. The taste is not as powerful and properly blended as it was when it was first cooked. When my wife prepared the food, she prepared it so that it tastes the best when it is freshly cooked.

Sadly, many Christians are killing their Christianity because they are living on leftovers. Israel made this mistake early in their journeys through the wilderness. God sent manna from Heaven every morning so that they could eat it fresh from the hand of God. God also told them not to leave anything until the next day; however, there were some who tried to save some, but when they went to eat it they found out that the leftovers “bred worms, and stank.” God never intended for His people to live on leftovers; He wants them to live on the fresh provisions that He gives every day. Several lessons can be learned about the Christian life that will help you to stop living on leftovers.

First, God doesn’t want you to live on the leftovers of His Word. Many Christians are starving themselves to death because they are relying on what they got from God’s Word in the past instead of trying to get something fresh from His Word today. Living on yesterday’s provisions will starve you from today’s nourishment God has for you in His Word. God knows what your day holds, and many times He will provide you with the nourishment you need for today if you will only read His Word. Don’t let yesterday’s readings cause you to miss the nourishment God has for you today.

Second, God doesn’t want you to live on leftover preaching. One reason you need to be faithful to church is because God has given the man of God a fresh truth that will help sustain you for another week. It is my experience that those who are hit-and-miss in their church attendance are missing the truths that will sustain them through their week. Don’t be a hit-and-miss Christian who is living on the leftovers of preaching and miss the fresh nourishment God has for you every week.

Third, God doesn’t want you to live on leftover blessings. Many Christians talk about what God used to do through their life instead of doing something to get fresh blessings today. You will never experience the fresh blessings of today without a personal walk with God in prayer every day. It is through your daily prayer time where you find those fresh blessings God has for you. Don’t starve yourself of today’s blessings by living on God’s leftover blessings of yesterday.

Fourth, God doesn’t want you to live on leftover souls saved. God can give you souls every week to challenge and encourage you if you regularly seek for souls. Are you living on the leftovers of past souls without allowing God to lead you to the new and exciting stories from souls saved today? If you rely on yesterday’s soul-winning experiences, your passion for God will wane. You need fresh soul-winning experiences to feed your passion for Christ today. Let me encourage you to stop killing yourself spiritually by living on leftovers and enjoy the fresh nourishment God has for you today.

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