Enemies of Faith


Hebrews 4:1 “Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it.”

Satan always has a counteroffer to anything that God has to offer. Satan’s counteroffer often seems to be more rational at the moment because it doesn't take faith, but God’s offer takes faith, which means you must trust God. You will never see the miracles of faith that God wants to do through your life if you don't trust God.

The life of serving God must be a life of faith, or else it will not be a life that pleases God. You cannot serve God successfully without living by faith. Because faith is the key to serving God successfully, you are going to have to battle the enemies of faith that Satan leads your way. Hebrews 4 shows seven enemies of faith that you will have to battle.

Fear is the first enemy of faith. Wherever there is faith, there will be fear, and wherever there is fear means that faith is present. The difference between fear and faith is that fear is an emotion and faith is an action that trusts God enough to act despite the fear in the heart. You must decide whether you are going to live off the emotion of fear and do nothing for God or trust God by faith and experience His power working through your life. You will never see faith’s blessings and miracles if you let the emotions of fear control you.

A lack of vision is the second enemy of faith. Fear will cause you to come short of the blessings of God, whereas faith allows you to enjoy the miracles of God. It takes vision to live by faith. It is vision that challenges you to step out by faith. You will never live the miraculous life of faith without having a vision to motivate you to attempt the great acts of faith.

Unbelief is the third enemy of faith. Unbelief was the reason that the ten spies did not get to go into the Promised Land, and unbelief is what will keep you from enjoying God’s Promised Land for your life. Certainly, faith seems impossible to happen, but that is why it is faith. If God gives your heart a vision of faith, you must not let unbelief keep you from stepping out by faith. Unbelief has never accomplished one great task for God, but faith has built many great works and lives for God’s glory.

A hardened heart is the fourth enemy of faith. If your heart is hard towards God, you will never listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice to step out by faith. It takes a soft heart towards God to listen to the Holy Spirit’s prodding to step out by faith.

Prayerlessness is the fifth enemy of faith. The reason you must go boldly to the throne of grace is because faith’s vision has never become a reality without prayer. Faith takes God’s intervention, and you get God to intervene through prayer.

A lack of labor is the sixth enemy of faith. Verse 11 shows it takes labor for faith to become a reality. You will never see faith’s miracles without hard work. Every great miracle work of God has been accomplished because God’s people are willing to work hard.

No preaching is the sixth enemy of faith. The preaching of God’s Word always challenges your faith and encourages you to keep walking by faith when your faith begins to wane. When your faith begins to waver, let God’s Word and the preaching of it challenge you to continue by faith.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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