Enquiring of the LORD

1 Samuel 23:2
“Therefore David enquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.”

One of the greatest mistakes believers make is that they move rashly without enquiring of the LORD about what they should do. Many have gotten themselves into unneeded troubles because they hastily moved without enquiring of the LORD. Many of life’s problems could be solved or averted if the believer enquired of the LORD before proceeding or deciding.

One of the great characteristics of David was that he enquired of the LORD. Nine times in the Scriptures it says that “David enquired of the LORD.” The one time David got himself into trouble was when he enquired about a woman instead of enquiring the LORD.

The word “enquire” carries several definitions that properly describe what it means to enquire of the LORD. “Enquire” means, to ask for information about something, to investigate, to seek one’s mind, to research, to study, or to explore. If the believer did each of these things with the LORD before they made a decision, they would find themselves never making wrong decisions. There are four times the believer would be wise to copy David’s enquiring of the LORD.

First, enquire the LORD about movement. In the verse above, David wanted to know whether he should move against the Philistines. You would be wise to ask the LORD what you should do before you do anything. Ask the LORD for His wisdom about every situation you face and what you should do. Investigate God’s mind to as to how He wants you to respond to your situation. Before you make any move in life, and before you do anything in life, you should enquire of the LORD as to how to perform that task.

Second, enquire the LORD about potential conflict. In verse 4, David was about to go to battle with the Philistines, and he wanted to know if the LORD wanted him to go. When you find yourself entwined in conflict, you would be wise to ask the LORD as to how to handle it. Many conflicts could be resolved if you would enquire of the LORD as to how to handle it. Conflicts between a husband and wife, employer and employee, family members, or between Christian brothers and sisters could most likely be settled if you enquired of the LORD as to how to fix the problem between you and the other person.

Third, enquire the LORD about position. In 2 Samuel 2:1, David enquired about whether he should go up to Jerusalem. Many believers find themselves taking positions of employment that they never should take only because they never enquired of the LORD. Just because a position looks good doesn’t make it a good position. I seriously doubt the believer would take a position of employment that kept them out of church if they enquired of the LORD. God has a position of employment where you can thrive, but you will never find it without enquiring of the LORD.

Fourth, enquire the LORD about hardships. In 2 Samuel 21:1, David enquired about a famine they were going through. The best action to take when enduring trials is to enquire of the LORD about what you should do. Enquiring of the LORD about what you should do in the famines of life will always give the answer for the next step you should take.

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