Essential Factors of an Effective Ministry

Matthew 4:25
“And there followed him great multitudes of people from Galilee, and from Decapolis, and from Jerusalem, and from Judaea, and from beyond Jordan.”

There is no question that Jesus had an effective ministry. From the start of His ministry to the ascension into Heaven, Jesus’ ministry consisted of lives being radically changed, crowds following wherever He went, souls being saved, and a church being started that eventually turned the world upside down. Even the verse above shows “great multitudes” following Him in His early ministry.

There is no secret to having an effective ministry. The essential factors of an effective ministry are discovered in Christ’s ministry. The very first actions of Christ in His ministry reveal five essential factors that you must have in your life if you want to have an effective ministry. Let me show you these five essential factors.

Obedience is the first essential factor of an effective ministry. The very first action Jesus took when He introduced His ministry to the world was to get baptized. Baptism is a critical component to the believers walk that shows their obedience to Christ. You cannot have an effective ministry and be disobedient to what the LORD tells you to do. You must be willing to obey God in everything if you want your ministry to be effective.

Having the power of the Holy Ghost is the second essential factor of an effective ministry. When Jesus came out of the water, the Spirit of God came upon Him. A powerless ministry is an ineffective ministry, but Holy Ghost fullness is always a part of an effective ministry. Too many people are looking for ways to be effective in their community, but they are missing one of the key factors that makes anyone effective, and that factor is being filled with the Holy Spirit. There is no substitute for the filling of the Holy Ghost. You cannot have an effective ministry without His fullness.

Yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit is the third essential factor of an effective ministry. The Holy Spirit will not always lead where it seems to make sense, but you must have faith in God that His Spirit always leads you to where you can be most effective. It doesn’t make sense why Jesus must be tempted of the Devil, but without Jesus following the leading of the Holy Spirit, we would not know how to overcome temptation. The Holy Spirit’s leading didn’t make sense when Philip was having a great revival, but we see the result of yielding to the Holy Spirit when the Ethiopian eunuch got saved and went back to his country to lead a nation to Christ. Yielding to the Holy Spirit always leads the believer to crucify the flesh, which always results in effectivity for Christ.

Knowledge of the Scriptures is the fourth essential factor of an effective ministry. Jesus used Scripture to defeat Satan, and you cannot be effective for Christ without using Scripture. You must study the Scriptures daily so that you are always ready to use them to help others and to overcome temptation.

Soul winning is the fifth essential factor of an effective ministry. Jesus first action after being tempted of the Devil was to go soul winning. You cannot be effective for Christ without being a personal soul winner. Your purpose of existing after salvation is to lead others to Christ. You will see the importance of the other factors mentioned above if you become a personal soul winner.

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