Examples to Follow


2 Kings 16:2 “Twenty years old was Ahaz when he began to reign, and reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem, and did not that which was right in the sight of the LORD his God, like David his father.”

Throughout the books of the Kings, you will see that most of the kings followed someone’s example. The one prime example that God tended to hold every king to was King David. These kings either did like David did or did not do like he did. You would think that the incoming kings would learn from history that those who did not do like David did had a terrible ending. Sadly, what we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. Every king who followed David’s example was successful and blessed, but history taught these kings that every king who did not follow David’s example did evil and saw God’s judgment.

God has given you many examples to follow throughout your life. I know that there are those foolish people who say that they only follow God, but if that were true, they would follow the examples of those who have lived before them. There is nothing wrong with following human examples as long as they are the types of examples that you should follow. Let me point out the types of examples that you should follow.

First, follow the faith examples. Be sure that those you follow are those who lived by faith. Their examples of faith will challenge and motivate you to attempt great feats of faith. Without human examples of faith, there would be no great attempts of faith; thus, there would be no great miracles of God done through His people.

Second, follow godly examples. Don’t follow the examples of believers who make you more like the world, but follow the believers who challenge you to be more godly. You should never follow an example who pulls you away from God, but only follow those examples that challenge and push you closer to God.

Third, follow growing examples. There are some people from the past who got weaker as they got older, and then there are examples from the past who got stronger as they got older. Only follow the examples of those who grew as a believer; it will establish a desire to continue to grow in the LORD by following the growing examples.

Fourth, follow the directionally right examples. There are some who are not bad people, but they are directionally pointing the wrong way. Only follow the examples of people who are directionally pointing towards the old paths and not the examples of those trying to make new paths. Those who follow new paths have made change their position, but those who follow the old paths are stable and are not looking for new ways to do what we already know how to do it.

Fifth, follow accomplishing examples. Don't follow people who have never done anything for God, but follow those who God used greatly. Let their examples of accomplishments motivate you to desire to accomplish something great for God.

Finally, follow the example’s strengths. Every human example will have weaknesses, but don't follow their weakness, follow their strengths. God can hone you into a fine tool that He can use for His glory when you learn to follow the strengths of your examples.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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