Excited for Pastor Watford and Spring Creek Baptist Church

I’m excited for my good friend, Pastor Jason Watford and the great church he pastors, Spring Creek Baptist Church in Seven Springs NC. I want to commend them for their desire to reach their area for Christ. Bro Watford put out some great goals for his church in 2018. One of those goals was to average 330 by the end of 2018. He plans to do this by starting 2 morning services, nearly doubling the total Sunday school classes his church provides, and starting an assistant teacher program to help facilitate this goal.
I am thrilled for Pastor Watford and the people of his church who have a desire to reach the lost for Christ. To those who want to criticize and say it is all about numbers, SHAME ON YOU!!! Yes, every number is a soul that needs to get saved and grow in the LORD. It is pastors like Bro Watford and churches like Spring Creek BC that show that the old paths are still alive. He is not doing this by going contemporary or lowering standards, but he still uses the same KJB and plans to preach the same old paths he has always preached.
My suggestion is to pray that he and his church will accomplish these goals. (In my opinion, he will do it with the LORD’s help as he and his church have a heart to build for the LORD.) My suggestion to the critics is to be quiet and go build an old paths Baptist church with however you think it should be done. Thank God for men and churches like Bro Watford and Spring CreekBC who still believe the LORD is in the church building business. If more pastors and churches would set goals like these and kick their Sunday school into high gear, we could see the old paths Baptist churches grow and reach their area for Christ.

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