Exciting Start to Bakersfield Revival 2017

We had an exciting start to the revival at Faith Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA. It was a blessing to be able to have a combined Sunday school and to teach the people from the Book of Proverbs.

The morning service brought in several more people to the point that the auditorium was to full capacity. The LORD blessed during the congregational songs, the specials, and most of all the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of His people during the preaching. It was a blessing to this preacher to see the altars full with people making decisions for the LORD.

Faith Baptist is one of those church where I have preached for many years. It was started by my good friend, Bro. Joe Grande. The LORD moved him to another ministry in Missouri, which opened the door for Pas. Kacey Trudelle to become the pastor. Since he has become the pastor, the LORD has helped them to secure their own building for the first time. The excitement he has brought to the church is obvious in the spirit of the church. I believe the best days are still ahead for this church.

What amazes me about the story of Faith Baptist is how God uses men to for a specific task that only they can do. Bro. Grande and Bro. Trudelle are both very optimistic and cheerful men, but they both are uniquely different. It reminds me how the LORD doesn’t need your talent as much as He needs you. I hope that the short story I’ve told you about this church would motivate you to give yourself to God and allow Him to use you in that special way that only you can be used. God has something special for you; you are just going to have to be yielded to Him like Bro Grande and Bro Trudelle have been.

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