Experience’s Responsibility


1 John 1:2 “(For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)”

When you have seen and experienced the great works of God in your life, you have a great responsibility to show others how they are done. John talks about Christ's life being manifested on earth and says, “we have seen it.” After explaining that he saw Christ’s life manifested on earth, he said that he bore witness and showed unto others this great eternal life they could have in Christ. John was saying that because he had evidenced the life of Christ and all He did, he had a great responsibility to tell others about it.

There are two types of people on this earth. There are those who have seen the past and those who have yet to see it. It is the responsibility of those who have seen God work to tell those who have yet to see the great works of God and to show them how those great works can be done today.

I had the privilege of seeing two of the great church works in my generation. I have seen the great church of Dr. Lee Roberson. He was my first pastor, and his work in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was not only a great church in size, but a great church that sent out pastors, missionaries, and full-time servants across the world. I have also had the privilege of seeing and being a part of Dr. Jack Hyles’ church in Hammond, Indiana. I saw the thousands getting saved and baptized on a yearly basis. I saw the great days of twenty-thousand attending a church service. I saw God’s power on the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles. No doubt, the greatest work of this and the past century was the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles.

However, my daughter and son-in-law have not seen these great works. Because I have seen what God can do, I have a great responsibility not only to tell them about God’s power on those ministries, but I also have a great responsibility to show them how it can be done. One of the great driving forces in my life as Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church is to show the generation who has not seen the great works that God still has the power to build great works and perform the miraculous in this day.

If you have seen God do the miraculous, you have an awesome responsibility to show those who have yet to see it that God can still do it today. Sadly, some have made God so small in their minds that they say the great works of the past are done. I would hate to have such a small God that could only do the miraculous in one era of time. My friend, God can still do the great works today! Because He can do those great works, you are responsible for showing those works to the next generation. We are always one generation away from a generation not knowing the power of God. All it takes for the next generation not to know God’s power is for you to shun your responsibility to show them that it can still be done. If you have seen the great works of God, you should not only tell others about those great works, but you should do those great works so they can see what you are talking about. Nothing makes the past stories of God’s power come alive like letting God do the miraculous through your ministry and life.

Let me ask, are you showing this generation that God’s power is still for today, or are you teaching them by doing nothing that it is no longer available? My prayer is that you manifest God’s power to the next generation by showing them through your life and ministry that God can still do it.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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