Faithful Is He

1 Thessalonians 5:24
“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”

It was June 21, 1973, as I sat in our living room listening to my mother give devotions that I realized my need of the Saviour. After the devotions that night, I asked my mother to show me how I could go to Heaven. That night, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. That was the night that a great journey, better yet, a great relationship started.

Eight years later I sat on the front row of our church listening to Bro. James Holder preach about Nineveh and the need of a preacher when the LORD called me into full-time service. That night started a journey that every preacher-boy would desire. Since that night, God has guided my steps into blessing after blessing. God has been good!

In January of 1990, I stepped out into full-time evangelism. I never imagined where that first meeting would take me. For twenty-eight years the LORD showed Himself faithful through battles, victories, defeats, heartaches, blessings, valleys and mountaintops. As I write this devotional, I want to testify that the verse above is true. “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” God has been very faithful to this preacher, and continues to be faithful to me. Let me point out several things that the verse above says about God’s faithfulness.

First, the character of God is faithful. God isn’t just faithful at the good times of our life; He is faithful all the time. God is faithful when we are good, and He is faithful when we are bad. God is faithful when we are on the mountaintop, and He is faithful when we are in the valley. God is faithful when health is good, and He is faithful when health has vanished. God is faithful when finances are plentiful, and God is faithful when there seems to be no money to pay the bills. God’s faithfulness is not based on our goodness; rather, His faithfulness is based on His character.

Second, God has been faithful. You can’t say that someone is faithful unless they have been faithful. All you have to do is look at your history and realize that God has always been faithful with everything He promised. God has always been there for you in the past because He is faithful. When you check God’s credit report on faithfulness, you will find that He has always been there on time. When you check God’s resumé, you will find His history to be faithful to you and all of those who serve Him.

Third, God is presently faithful. The verse above says, “Faithful is…” It is good to know that God’s faithfulness hasn’t ended. Many people may have been faithful in the past and stopped being faithful in the present, but God was faithful in the past and is presently faithful now. No matter where you are in life, or what you are presently facing, God is faithful. He is faithful to answer prayer. He is faithful to give wisdom. He is faithful to be the friend who sticketh closer than a brother. He is faithful to guide. He is faithful to help. He is faithful to rescue. God is presently faithful.

Fourth, God will be faithful. The verse above says, “…who also will do it.” God’s was faithful in the past, He is presently faithful, and His character reveals that He will continue to be faithful. No matter what the future holds, God will be faithful; you need not fear, for God will do it. You may not know what tomorrow holds, but God is faithful and will perform through you what He started out doing in you when you got saved. My friend, I just want to remind you that God is faithful.

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