Family Obedience

Jeremiah 35:19
“Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Jonadab the son of Rechab shall not want a man to stand before me for ever.”

The sons of Jonadab were an amazing people. Several years prior to this chapter, Jonadab made a proclamation to his children that they were to drink no wine, nor were they to build homes or plant vineyards in the land. The Rechabites were a nomadic people who followed their father’s command to the day of the verse above.

After the invasion of Babylon, Jeremiah invited these people to his house. As they sat to eat with him, he set wine before them to drink. When they saw the wine set before them, they told Jeremiah that they would “drink no wine: for Jonadab the son of Rechab our father commanded us, saying, Ye shall drink no wine, neither ye, nor your sons for ever:”

The obedience of this family can be greatly admired. Though Jonadab had been dead for years, they still followed what he taught them to do. His death didn’t negate the commands by which he felt his family should live. Their obedience brought eternal blessings because God said, “Jonadab the son of Rechab shall not want a man to stand before me for ever.” Several lessons can be learned from this faithful family.

First, the laws of God never die though the one who physically gave them to us died. Far too many times people only obey God as long as the man of God who gave them is alive, but when he dies they leave the commandments that were given. We must understand obeying God’s commandments are always important even if those who gave them to us are no longer living. Truth doesn’t die because those who carried the truth died. Just because the standard-bearer has gone to Heaven doesn’t mean the standard should stop being obeyed. If God gave the command and the standard, those commands and standards are still to be followed no matter if the one who taught them is gone.

Second, obedience always gives us a place with God. If you want to get the attention of God, learn to obey and you will grab His attention. It was the obedience of these people to their father that caused God to honor them with an eternal blessing. Many people want God’s blessings on their life, but they don’t want to follow the commands that give eternal blessings. God’s blessings are good as long as you obey His commands. The moment you stop obeying God’s commands is the moment you leave the blessings of God. The blessings were a result of obedience, so it’s not God’s fault that His blessings stopped because you left what you were supposed to do.

Third, we are never too old to obey the scriptural commandments of our parents. Just because mom and dad have grown old or have moved on to their reward does not relieve us of our duties of obeying them. Truth is right no matter what your age may be. These people obeyed in their old age as much as they did when they were young. No matter how old you are, God expects you to obey if you want His continued blessings. Don’t ever let old age be your excuse to stop doing right. God expects you to do right even when you are old. If you want God’s eternal blessings to continue, you will continue to obey until you go to Heaven. Remember, obedience is always the key to God’s blessings.

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