Faulty Perception

Numbers 13:33
“And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”

How you perceive things will determine your outlook on life and the actions you perform. The reason the ten spies didn’t want to go forward into the Promised Land was because they had a faulty perception. It says in the verse above, “…we were in our own sight…” This perception is what kept them from seeing things through the eyes of God. The ten spies had four faulty perceptions they acquired. Let me show you these four faulty perceptions that will keep you from seeing victory in your Christian walk.

First, they had a negative perception. The Scripture says that they brought up an “evil report.” The reason they brought up an evil report is because they were looking at the opportunity through their strength instead of God’s. If you are always looking at whether something can be done through your strength, you will always find yourself having an evil report. Let me ask you; do you always see things in a negative manner? Is your perception negative? You will never do anything great for the LORD if you always see things negatively. It takes a positive perception to see obstacles as opportunities for God to show His strength. You will continue to wander in life’s wilderness if you can’t get over a negative perception.

Second, they had a powerless perception. The reason Caleb and Joshua wanted to go forward was because they had “another spirit.” These ten spies walked in their own spirit; whereas, Joshua and Caleb walked in “another spirit.” You will always see the negative in life when you see things in a powerless perception. Powerless people will never want to do great things for God and always complain and gripe about their situation. The reason you need to be Spirit-filled is so that you can see life’s opportunities through a Spirit-filled perception instead of through humanity’s perception. Your perception of what you face will change for the good when you allow the Holy Spirit to control your perception.

Third, they had a reversed perception. The ten spies wanted to return to Egypt which was not a forward direction. God’s direction is always a forward direction, but you will never be able to have a forward perception if you are looking at things through your own sight. One of the greatest reasons people return to the world is because they see things through their own sight, and they believe that returning to the world will be easier than going forward in the will of God. My friend, a reversed perception only breeds mediocrity and discontent. You will never experience victory in the Christian walk without having a forward perception.

Fourth, they had a faithless perception. The ten spies looked at the opportunity of the Promised Land through their own sight instead of through a faith-filled sight. The giants and walls of life will seem insignificant when you look at life with a faith perception. You will never accomplish anything great for the LORD without a faith perception. A faith perception always sees the LORD’s victory and not the flesh’s defeat.

Is your perception wrong? Do you see things through your own sight? Let me encourage you to get a God-perception, and you will find that the LORD will have the opportunity to do great things through your life.

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