Fig Tree Faith

Matthew 21:21
“Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.”

The actions of Jesus on Earth were no mistake. Everything that Jesus did and said were done and said on purpose. His actions and words were said and done to teach those who followed Him and were done and said to leave an example for those watching Him. Jesus was concerned with teaching His disciples how to carry on once He was gone.

One of the teaching experiences Jesus gave His disciples was the incident that happened with the fig tree. Jesus passed by a fig tree in the morning and saw no figs on it, and because there were no figs on it, He cursed the tree. Jesus and the disciples went through their day ministering, but that evening they came back by the same fig tree, and the disciples noticed that the tree was dead. They marveled that the tree had withered away so quickly. It was at this moment that Jesus taught them the importance of having faith. There were several things about faith that influences the actions of a believer. Let me show you what faith will do for you.

First, faith is confident. Jesus’ faith was so confident that the fig tree would wither that He passed by the same tree that night to show the disciples the tree. You will find that you will act in a confident manner when you live by faith. Faith doesn’t work in an uncertain or timid fashion, but faith acts in confidence. You will find that when you start living by faith that you will act and live confidently.

Second, faith has vision. Jesus envisioned the tree to wither, and a person of faith can see the power of God and what it can do. A faithless person is a visionless person who lives in doubt and uncertainty. A person of faith has a great vision of what can be done with nothing or little to nothing and acts confidently until faith becomes reality. Your vision is a revelation of your faith, and the person of great faith will have a great vision.

Third, faith is authoritative. You will notice that Jesus authoritatively says to the mountain, “Be thou removed…” A person of faith can’t help but act in an authoritative manner because they know what is going to be done. A person of faith moves in a manner that scares the faithless person, but the reason they move and act this way is because they believe the vision of their faith is going to happen. To a person of faith, it is not if their vision of faith will happen, but when their vision of faith will happen.

Fourth, faith causes a person to act. Verse 22 shows the key work that makes faith happen, and that word is “believing.” A person of faith is a person who works to see their vision happen. Faith always moves people to action. Only a faithless person will be an inactive person.

God didn’t say how much faith you had to have; He just said that if you have faith you could have a fig tree experience. Faith is a key ingredient of the believer’s life that causes God to do great works. God will never do anything through you if you don’t believe God’s great works can’t be done today. However, God’s great works are there for you if you will just act in faith and believe that God can make great things happen. Let me challenge you to act in faith so this generation can see that God is still an omnipotent God.

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