Filled to Work

Exodus 31:3
“And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship,”

Bezaleel was one of the key figures in the building of the tabernacle. Without Bezaleel, Moses would have never seen the completion of this great work. Without Bezaleel, the people would not have had a place for the priest to make an atonement for their sin. Though Bezaleel was just a lay person in Israel, he was important to the LORD’s work.

One of the key things that made Bezaleel successful in the LORD’s work was that he was “filled…with the spirit of God.” His name means, “in the shadow of God,” which actually denotes why God was able to fill him with His spirit. It is interesting to note that when Bezaleel was filled with God’s spirit that God’s spirit gave him wisdom, understanding and knowledge. It wasn’t that Bezaleel didn’t already have wisdom, understanding and knowledge, but he didn’t have the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God to do the LORD’s work.

Moreover, it is interesting that the purpose of Bezaleel being filled with God’s spirit was to work. God didn’t fill him to sit and do nothing, but He filled him to work. Bezaleel needed the filling of God because he was doing a work of God. Three critical lessons can be learned from Bezaleel about the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

First, you will never be filled with God’s Spirit until you spend time under God’s shadow in prayer. Many believers have made the mistake to do the work of God without spending time under the shadow of God in prayer only to find themselves empty and discouraged. My friend, you will eventually come to the end of your resources if you don’t spend time in prayer. You may think you are too busy to spend time in prayer, but may I remind you that the work is too important for you not to spend time in prayer. There will never be a filling of the Holy Spirit without you spending time alone with God in prayer.

Second, you can’t do the work of God in your own wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Man’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge cannot do the work of God; God’s work takes God’s wisdom, God’s understanding and God’s knowledge. Many have tried to do a holy work with man’s wisdom only to find themselves without the answers to do such a great work. The work of God is a holy work that takes God’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge to fulfill. Let me remind you that in God’s work you are dealing with people who have a soul, and only God’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit can give you the answers to meet the various needs of each individual soul.

Third, you will never be filled with God’s power until you get busy doing God’s work. God always gives His power to work. Nobody has ever been filled with His power to sit and do nothing; in fact, you are disobedient to God’s command to be filled with the Spirit if you are sitting and doing nothing. My friend, you need to be filled with God’s Spirit, but you will never be filled until you get busy doing His work. God fills the believer to serve, and without serving you will always be empty. Let me challenge you to pray and get busy serving, and you will find God will fill you to do the work He needs you to do.

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