Filling In

1 Chronicles 24:2
“But Nadab and Abihu died before their father, and had no children: therefore Eleazar and Ithamar executed the priest’s office.”

We often read the incident about Nadab and Abihu’s sin and are reminded of doing things presumptuously and out of God’s order. These two men knew better than to offer a strange fire, but they did it anyway to their own hurt. Their sin certainly affected their lives just like sin affects the quality of an individual’s life.

However, the verse above also reveals something that we miss about the sin of Nadab and Abihu. The verse above says, “…therefore Eleazar and Ithamar executed the priest’s office.” Because Nadab and Abihu had no children, their younger brothers had to fill in for their responsibilities. In other words, their sin not only affected their lives, but it also affected the lives of others. I am certain that Eleazar and Ithamar had other things they needed to do, but sin caused them to have to fulfill their duties, but also fill in and perform the duties of those who sinned.

You must never forget the impact sin has on another’s life. Whether or not these young men thought about what they were doing doesn’t matter; what does matter is that their sin shortened their lives and adversely affected the LORD’s work. A few observations can be learned from their sin.

First, sin always has adverse effects. Sin promises the world, but always gives death. Sin is the biggest deceiver known to mankind because it has never fulfilled one promise. We often bemoan the politician for not fulfilling the promises they make during their campaigns, but sin is much worse than any comparisons you can give. Just think about how many promises sin has made; yet, sin has never followed through one time. Why would you even entertain sin’s promise knowing its record?

Second, sin always leaves your duties unfulfilled. Nadab and Abihu never thought about who would fulfill their duties when sin took their lives. My friend, you had better think about who is going to do what you are supposed to do when sin removes you from what you are doing. Sin will take from you what you are presently doing, so don’t think that you are any different. Sin has taken father’s from their children, husband’s from their wife, ministry worker’s from their parishioners, bus workers from their bus kids, and leaders from their followers. Don’t think for one moment that you are the exception because your sin will catch up with you and leave your position vacant and duties unfulfilled.

Third, sin always adversely affects the effectiveness of God’s work. When Eleazar and Ithamar filled in to perform Nadab and Abihu’s duties, the work they were doing was not being done the way it should have been done. Someone is going to have to fill in and do your work if you fall into sin. When they step in, it will affect how well they can do what they are supposed to do. You can never have others fill in without it affecting what they are doing. One must wonder how badly the LORD’s work has been affected because of the vacancies sin has caused.

Christian, I know you have heard of sin’s ramifications many times, but it is real. If you yield to sin, it will adversely affect your life, the life of others, and the effectiveness of the LORD’s work. Don’t ever believe sin; just do right!

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