Finding Grace in the Wilderness

Jeremiah 31:2
“Thus saith the LORD, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest.”

A wonderful statement is made in the verse above that should be an encouragement for every Christian. God said the remnant “found grace in the wilderness.” In spite of the battles and the losses which these people faced, God’s grace was still available. What these people learned was that God’s judgment didn’t squelch God’s grace.

If you have ever been through a wilderness, you will understand that blessing of finding grace in it. A wilderness is a desert or piece of land that is uncultivated and uninhabited by humans. One of the reasons it is a wilderness is because there seems to be no way to turn it into a land of growth; however, the verse above shows us that God’s grace can be found in the wilderness. What does it mean to find grace in the wilderness?

First, it means no matter how bad it seems, there is grace to help you through your wilderness. Whatever you are facing today, God’s grace is there to help you through the wilderness. What you are facing may seem bad, but you can be assured that God’s grace is there to help you. Your wilderness may be a result of your actions, or it may be a result of God’s testings, but the reason you are in the wilderness doesn’t negate that God’s grace can be found there.

Second, it means God’s grace didn’t remove the wilderness, but it helped them endure it. God’s people found His grace in the wilderness, but it didn’t remove what they were facing. All too often we are looking for God to remove the wilderness when His grace is there to help you endure it. For instance, His grace doesn’t stop the rain, but it gives you an umbrella to keep you from getting wet. God’s grace doesn’t stop the pain, but it gives you the anesthesia to dull the pain so you can endure it. God’s grace is simply there to help you endure whatever you are facing. God may have sent the wilderness your way; so, stop trying to run from the wilderness and just let God’s grace help you through it.

Third, it means God’s grace is always available no matter what you may be facing. The whole reason Israel was in the wilderness was because of their sins; yet, they still found God’s grace in the wilderness. My friend, whatever the cause of your wilderness doesn’t determine whether God’s grace is available. God’s grace is not available because you are good, but His grace is available because He is merciful. This is a wonderful promise to every Christian that you can obtain God’s grace because His mercy endureth forever.

Christian, it comes down to whether you’re going to focus on the wilderness or rest in God’s grace. You can focus on the loneliness of your wilderness, or you can enjoy the fellowship of God’s grace. You can focus on the hardness of your wilderness, or you can focus on the help from God’s grace. You are the one who determines what God’s grace is going to do for you. His grace is there no matter what you are facing, but you must focus on it and receive your relief from it if you are going to make it through your wilderness. No, God is probably not going to remove your wilderness, but He is going to help you through it with His grace. Don’t waste His grace because you’re focusing on the hardness of your wilderness.

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