Finding Inspiration in Barren Times

Isaiah 25:1
“O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.”

There are times in life when you need something to inspire you to keep you going. I have often told people that it is not hard to enjoy the euphoria of the mountaintop, nor is it hard to find the challenge to overcome in the valley, but it is hard to continue when you are walking in the plains of life. The mountaintops are easy to find inspiration from to keep going because of the view that they give. The valleys of life are also easy to find inspiration from because of the challenges they give you to overcome whatever they bring. Although, trying to find a way to be inspired when life is like a plain that seems to be taking you nowhere is difficult to see. However, the verse above shows the way for the believer to find inspiration in times when there seems to be nothing to inspire you is to look at the wonderful things of God. Let me point out the wonderful things of God that this chapter reveals to the believer.

First, the LORD’s counsel has never led you in the wrong way. The verse above says that the LORD’s counsel is “faithfulness and truth.” In other words, what the LORD has told you to do has always been the right thing to do. You can search the world for the right counsel and miss it if you don’t go to God’s Word to find the faithful and truthful counsel that it gives. Whatever the LORD tells you to do is the right thing because its time-proven and life-corroborated.

Second, the LORD has always given strength when you had no strength. Verse 4 says that God has given “strength to the poor.” When you thought you had no more strength to take another step is when you found the LORD gave you the strength to continue. The inspiration you need when your poor and have nothing to offer is always found in the LORD who can give you the strength to continue even though your strength seems to be gone. The LORD is the source of energy who gives you the strength to continue when you think you have no more strength to go on.

Third, the LORD has always been there to help you in your time of distress. Verse 4 says that the LORD is “a strength to the needy in his distress.” When life tries to overwhelm you and bring you to the brink of distress is when you find the LORD gives you the calm you need to have the strength to continue in spite of the pressures that life forces upon you.

Fourth, the LORD has always protected you from the storms and heat of the trials. Verse 4 continues to say that the LORD is “a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.” Never forget how the LORD has protected you throughout the hardships of your life. You have never faced a storm in life where the LORD was not there to protect you from its violence. He has always been there to be that refuge in the storm to calm your heart in spite of what the storm has brought upon you.

My friend, the common denominator you will find in all of the things mentioned above is the LORD. The answer to finding inspiration in the barren times of life is to simply look to the LORD and what He has done in your life, and you will find it easy to be inspired to continue. No matter what you are facing today or tomorrow, you can be assured that the LORD will be with you to help you through its problems.

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