Finding the Mind of God

Proverbs 2:5
“Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.”

How many times have you come to a situation in life when you thought to yourself that you needed to know the mind of God? If you knew the mind of God with every situation that you faced, and if you did what you knew was the mind of God, you would find yourself never making a bad move in life. The good news is that God doesn’t keep you from knowing His mind. God wants you to know His mind in everything that you do more than you want to know His mind. The verse above proves this point when God says, “Then shalt thou…find the knowledge of God.” Several things are pointed out in this chapter that you must do if you want to find God’s mind.

First, listen to wisdom. Listening to wisdom comes from several sources. Listening to wisdom comes from preaching, but it also comes from listening to those spiritual leaders God has placed in your life. You will never find the mind of God when your mind is already made up. You can say that you are listening, but if your mind is made up, you will not hear the wisdom God is trying to give you from those who have His mind.

Second, give your heart to learn it. Verse 2 says, “…apply thine heart to understanding;” When you earnestly desire the mind of God, it will capture your focus and cause you to do whatever it takes to get God’s mind in your situation. A half-hearted search for the mind of God will always come up empty in discovering His mind on what you should do in your situation.

Third, pray to God. Verse 3 says, “Yea, if thou criest after knowledge…” Who is “knowledge?” God is knowledge. You will never fail to get God’s mind if you ask Him. My friend, you will never get God’s mind on what you should do if you don’t ask Him. Stop talking about wanting to know the mind of God and ask Him for it.

Fourth, seek it like you’re seeking wealth. Verse 4 says, “If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;” How valuable is God’s mind to you? I’m afraid too many believers are passive about finding God’s mind to their own detriment. Knowing God’s mind is of more value than all the wealth in the world. You will find God’s mind if you pursue it to the same degree that you pursue making money.

Fifth, read God’s Word. I know this sounds obvious, but many believers never spend time in God’s Word to find His mind on what they should do. God’s Word has every answer for life. You will only find that answer if you are willing to read God’s Word long enough to find the wealth of God’s knowledge in His Word. Verse 6 verifies this when it says, “…out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.”

Sixth, do right. Verse 7 says, “He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous…” You cannot find God’s mind when you are not living according to His Word. You will be amazed at how much wisdom and knowledge is discovered by doing right.

Seventh, be right in all that you do. Verse 8 says, “He keepeth the paths of judgment…” My friend, be honest in all that you do. When your desire is to be just in all that you do is when God imparts His mind to help you to do right. If you’ll seek right, do right, be right, and love right, you will find that God will give you His mind so that you can do the right thing.

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