For I Know


2 Timothy 1:12 “For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.”

Paul made clear that He knew His God. He was not afraid to face the hardships of life or the ministry because he knew his God. It was the knowledge of his God that gave him the confidence that he would complete God’s purpose for his life. Paul’s knowledge of Christ didn't come from doing nothing, but his knowledge of Christ was gained through four actions in life. When we are talking about knowing Christ, we are not talking about salvation, but we are talking about knowing Christ in a personal and intimate manner. Let me share the four ways that Paul knew Christ.

First, Paul knew Christ through experience. Paul said, “For I know whom I have believed…” He was saying He learned about Christ through the experience of the past. In other words, Paul was saying that He worked with Christ in the past, and He knew Him because of his experience of working with Him. You will never be able to say you know Christ as Paul did unless you serve with Him in His yoke of ministry. You don't get to know Christ intimately through playing, but you get to know Him through the yoke of service. The experience you gain from serving with Christ in His yoke will help you to know Him when hardships of life arise.

Second, Paul knew Christ through trials. Paul said that he suffered hardships, and it was in the suffering of hardships that He got to know Christ better. Getting to know Christ is often discovered in the hardest times of life. If you run from your hard times of life, you will never get to know the greatness and power of Christ. It is in the hardest times of life that you will get to know Christ in a better manner. It is in the hard times of life that you get to know Christ’s faithfulness to stand with you, His grace to help you, and His tender mercies to calm you. My friend, trials are the greatest teacher of the sufficiency of Christ.

Third, Paul knew Christ through his daily walk. Paul didn't just make Christ a weekend appointment, but a daily life to walk with Him. You will never get to know Christ as He wants you to know Him by only making Him a weekend appointment by going to church. Don't get me wrong, going to church is critical, but He wants to walk with you daily in your home and on the job. You will get to know Christ better when you walk and talk with Him daily.

Fourth, Paul knew Christ through the Scriptures. One reason you should read the Scriptures daily is because Christ is revealed through His Word. The Scriptures are filled with knowledge of Christ that will help you with your daily situations. A time with God in the Scriptures every day helps you to conquer each day with the wisdom that Christ gives in His Word.

What was it that Paul learned about Christ in these areas? He learned that Christ “is able…” The fact that Christ is able is what gives you the confidence to know that you can face whatever life throws at you and still make it. It is the knowledge of Christ that keeps you from letting anxiety control you. Do you know Christ? The more you walk with Christ through service, the greater the experience you will gain to give you the confidence needed so that you can face life’s future trials.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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