Formula for Defeat

Jeremiah 50:15
“Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the LORD: take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her.”

The verse above is the prophecy against the great nation of Babylon. How could a nation as powerful as Babylon fall? With her mighty armies, powerful control over the money system, and her ability to influence other nations, it would seem that she could never be defeated; however, she wasn’t defeated from the outside, she was defeated through her own actions. Even though it was other nations that eventually destroyed her, it was her own choices and actions that led to her defeat and eventual destruction.

Just like mighty Babylon fell, there are Christians who have taken the same path towards destruction that will destroy them. Always remember that it doesn’t matter how powerful you may think you are, if you go down the same pathway that Babylon took, you will find the same end that she found. What was this formula that led to her destruction?

First, she put her hand out to join weak associations. The verse above says, “…she hath given her hand…” She joined affinity with nations who were weaker than she. Likewise, the Christian who allows themselves to have weak associations will find themselves walking down the pathway towards destruction. You can’t walk with those who believe differently from you and think that they won’t drag you down. You can’t run with people who live sinful lives and think that they won’t pull you away from the LORD. Your associations do matter! Your associations dictate who you will become in the future. All you have to do is show me who a person allows themselves to be influenced by and I will show you what they will be in the future. Your associations are the future you. If you don’t want to be like those you are associated with, you had better change your associations.

Second, Babylon allowed her foundations to be destroyed. The verse above continues to say, “…her foundations are fallen…” Weak or sinful associations always change the foundation of who you are. One reason you should not associate with those who don’t believe like you is because they will change your belief system. Many people who have joined affinity with weaker associations thought they could take in the good and spit out the bones only to find that they choked on the bones of change. My friend, the foundation of who you are must be guarded carefully because the foundation determines your daily choices and actions.

Third, Babylon took away her borders to her destruction. The verse above says, “…her walls are thrown down…” Once you change who you are, you will change what you allow yourself to do. The rules you once used to live by will be thrown down so that you can enjoy the pleasures of the world to your destruction. The only reason people fight against standards of holiness is because their foundations have been destroyed through weak associations. Your standards or borders are your protection; they are what keeps the enemy from destroying you.

My friend, when you look at the succession that leads to destruction, you will discover that it starts with your associations. If you keep your associations right, you will find your foundations will stay strong and your borders will keep the enemy from destroying you from within.

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