From Fear to Spirit-Filled

Judges 6:34
“But the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet; and Abiezer was gathered after him.”

The distance from fear to the Spirit falling upon Gideon was only a few actions that he had to take. When you read about the calling of Gideon, you have to wonder how God saw in him a mighty man of valour who would take three hundred men and conquer the mighty Midianite army. One of the things that I love about the LORD and Gideon’s life is that the LORD worked with Gideon in spite of his weakness of fear. God took Gideon as far as He would go and used Him every step of the way until Gideon became that mighty and fearless leader who had the Spirit of the LORD upon his life. What are the actions Gideon took that caused God’s Spirit to come upon him?

First, he obeyed God’s will for His life. Gideon followed each step of God’s will until he discovered the perfect will to where God was taking him. The Holy Spirit’s power never falls on those who won’t obey God’s will for their life. You will live a powerless and mediocre life as long as you walk in your will and disobey God’s will.

Second, Gideon acted in obedience instead of fear. Yes, Gideon was a fearful man, but he didn’t let fear stop him from obeying God. You will find that when you obey God in spite of your fears that God will give you His Spirit to help you in your areas of fear. Obedience is the key to Spirit fulness.

Third, Gideon removed any god that was a hindrance to His life. God told Gideon to remove the gods, and though he did it in the night, he obeyed God’s counsel. The Holy Spirit cannot fill any believer who has other gods filling the place in their life where the Holy Spirit should be. Remove the gods in your life, and you will find that the Holy Spirit has a place to fill.

Fourth, Gideon didn’t cower to the threats of the spiritual progressives. When Gideon tore down the groves of Baal, the spiritual progressives challenged him, but he didn’t cower to their threats. You can’t be Spirit-filled when you are more worried about pleasing the religious progressives more than you are with pleasing God. The only one who you should be concerned with pleasing and being accepted by is God.

Fifth, Gideon was willing to follow God’s order. God commanded Gideon to offer a burnt sacrifice, and you will find that Gideon set the altar in order. The Holy Spirit works better through order than through the next emotional feeling that passes through your heart. Too many people say the Holy Spirit is moving when it is just an emotional feeling rather than the Holy Spirit moving. Being emotional and irrational doesn’t mean you are filled with the Spirit. When you’re willing to get your life and ministry in order, you will find that the Spirit of God has more freedom to work.

Sixth, Gideon got rid of sin in his life. The burnt sacrifice was a time of confession. God can’t fill the dirty vessel. You must remove any sin that controls your life if you want the Holy Spirit to fill you and control you. The Holy Spirit can’t control the believer who is being controlled by sin. Yielding yourself to the Holy Spirit instead of yielding to sin always results in the Holy Spirit filling and controlling your life.

Let me ask you; can the Holy Spirit fill you? You will never see God do great works through you until you let the Holy Spirit fill your life.

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