Fruit with Patience


Luke 8:15 “But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”

Many want the fruit of success without enduring and overcoming the difficulties that try to prevent success. Those who are successful in life never became successful without having to overcome great difficulty. Dr. Russell Anderson when bankrupt before God blessed his hard work and giving spirit with millions of dollars that he could use for the LORD’s work. Job lost everything in life before God blessed him with double blessings. You will always find that every success story had difficulties that they had to overcome and endure before they got to the great blessings of their life.

The verse above says, “…and bring forth fruit with patience.” The word “patience” means to persist in doing something despite difficulty. In other words, it does not matter that you have a heart of good ground, but the good ground means nothing if you are not willing to persist despite the difficulties that life may bring your way. You can have a good heart, listen to God’s Word, follow the teachings of God’s Word, but you won’t bring forth fruit without persisting to do what you are supposed to do despite the difficulties. This phrase reveals several things about the ability to bring forth fruit.

First, you are going to have difficulties. Patience is as much a part of the ingredient to having fruit as is the importance of having a good heart and following God’s Word. To think that you can just get fruit without any difficulty is a fantasy. Part of the enjoyment of the fruit is knowing that you overcame the difficulties that tried to keep you from bringing forth fruit. If you want fruit, you are going to have to expect to face difficulties, and the more fruit you bring forth, the greater the difficulties that you must face and overcome.

Second, you are going to have to continue. Too many want immediate fruit, but fruit is the end of the process. Immediate gratification has never brought forth lasting fruit. The fruit that remains is found by continuing to do what you are supposed to do with patience knowing that it will come in due season.

Third, you must not quit if you want to bring forth fruit. No matter how difficult the obstacle may be, you cannot quit. Just remember that the greater the difficulty you must overcome reveals the greater the blessing you will receive if you overcome with perseverance. Perseverance may not be fun, and it will be difficult to put up with, but you will find the fruit you are looking for if you don't quit.

What is the fruit you are looking for? Are you struggling in your marriage and trying to do the right thing despite your spouse’s refusal to change? Pastor, are you struggling in your ministry to see fruit of souls saved and growth of attendance? Bus worker, are you struggling with getting people to ride your bus because of the difficulty of the area where your route is? Sunday school teacher, are you struggling to get through to a child who seems to care less about anything that you do to help them? Business owner, are you struggling to get your business going even though you’re putting the LORD first in your life. Believer, are you struggling to become financially stable despite your tithing and attempts to use your money frugally? Whatever situation you find yourself in, always remember that bringing forth fruit comes with patience. Don't give up; fruit-bearing days will come.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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