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Acts 11:24 “For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith: and much people was added unto the Lord.”

There is no mistake that Barnabas was used by God. Barnabas was a special type of believer who could take the outcast and make them into great tools of service for God. It was Barnabas who took Saul, who we know as the Apostle Paul, and molded him into the great apostle that God used to reach the Gentile world and write several books of the New Testament. It was Barnabas who took a John Mark who had quit and others had pushed aside and nurtured him back to usefulness to become a great help to the Apostle Paul. Now, when one wonders at what kind of man could do this, all you have to do is look at the verse above to see the attributes of Barnabas. It was these attributes that allowed God to use Barnabas to mold the outcast into a trophy piece for God. Let me share these attributes with you.

First, he was a good man. Barnabas was the type of person who was good to every person, and he lived a good life that pleased God. When defining good, he was not good because the world saw him as good, but he was good because God defined him as good. The key to his life was that he lived to please God. You cannot be used to change others when you are living for the world and self. You must live to please the Lord and serve others. The reason people said that Barnabas was a good man was because he treated others right and had a heart for God.

Second, he was full of the Holy Ghost. Nobody will ever be used to change people who are not filled with the Holy Ghost. Have you ever seen some people who it seems that people literally fall at their feet wanting to be saved and wonder how that happens? The answer is the power of the Holy Ghost. You will never be used to change the outcast to a trophy of grace until you allow the Holy Ghost to fill you.

Third, he was full of faith. This may be one of the greatest qualities of Barnabas. He not only had the faith to attempt great things, but he also had the faith that God could use anyone. Your faith is small if you look at people and say that God could never use them. One of the great needs of churches today is for believers to have faith that God can use the fallen and outcast again. When you have faith that God can use someone again, you will be willing to overlook their setbacks because you believe that God can use them. Faith that God can use people again allows you to see the bigger picture of what they can become when they falter. Churches need to get past the desire to look like a museum that has the “perfect” believer and realize that some of those they shun could become a great tool for God to use if they had faith that God can use ANY person.

Now, the key to these attributes is that Barnabas was “full” of the Holy Ghost and faith. In other words, the Holy Ghost and faith is was controlled Barnabas. There was nothing else that influenced what he did, and that is why he was used to add many people to the church. Nothing else will influence your actions and thoughts when you are full of the Holy Ghost and faith, which will result in God using you to add many people to the church.

Do you want to be used to add many people to your church? Then you need to be full of the Holy Ghost and faith. When you are filled with the Holy Ghost and faith, your perspective of God’s ability to use any person will change.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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