Get Acquainted

Job 22:21
“Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.”

One of the things a person does when they are new to a place is they get acquainted with the people, patterns, and the things that they do. Getting acquainted with people is what allows you to trust them more, and it is what allows you to feel at ease around them. When you are not acquainted with someone, it is hard to trust them enough to entrust them with the things of your life that you hold dear to yourself.

In the verse above, Eliphaz made a statement to Job that would be wise for every believer to follow. He said, “Acquaint now thyself with him…” In other words, get to know God. He was saying that the more you know God, the more you will be at peace with Him and with yourself. Let me share what getting acquainted with God will mean to you.

First, getting acquainted with God means to become aware of God in your life. The more you become aware of God’s workings in every area of your life, the more you will be at peace with what He is trying to do in your life. My friend, the more you are aware of God’s workings in your life, the more you will realize that He has a greater purpose for you than what you are presently doing.

Second, getting acquainted with God means to familiarize yourself with God. Many times when I travel, I rent a vehicle to get me from place to place. When I get into the car, the first thing I do is familiarize myself with every part of the car so that it becomes easier to use the accessories that are put on the vehicle to make my driving experience easier and more enjoyable. The more you familiarize yourself with God’s abilities, the more enjoyable your living experience in life becomes.

Third, getting acquainted with God means to come to know God. The longer you get to know God, the sweeter He becomes. The more you spend time with God, the more you find out about Him, and the more His greatness and ability to help you throughout life is revealed.

The question must then be asked; how do you get acquainted with God? First, you become acquainted with God by spending time in His Word. You can’t get acquainted with God if you don’t spend time in the Book which teaches you everything you need to know about Him. Matthew 22:29 says, “…Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” The more you study the Scriptures, the more you will get to know about how God can help you in life.

Second, you become acquainted with God by walking with Him in prayer. Prayer is what opens the door of God’s power to the believer. You will never be acquainted with God with a prayer life that is nothing more than a two-minute ditty prayer. Your prayer time needs to become a prayer life that you are constantly talking to God about your needs for every step that you take.

Third, you become acquainted with God through hardships. God reveals Himself the most to the believer through the hardships of life. The three Hebrew children got to know God better in the fire, and you will get to know Him better as you go through the fires of life. My friend, the fires may not be comfortable, but the reward of getting to know God as you walk through the fire is what makes the fire rewarding.

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