Go Down

Jeremiah 22:1
“Thus saith the LORD; Go down to the house of the king of Judah, and speak there this word,”

Two times in the Book of Jeremiah you will see God tell Jeremiah to “go down.” God told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 18:2, “…go down to the potter’s house…” In this verse and in the verse above, Jeremiah was to leave where he was to go down to a place that was not as important as where God placed him. Though some may look at this phrase as if God was saying that where Jeremiah dwelt was of a higher elevation than where he was to go, I believe that God had greater intentions to use this phrase and those intentions were to remind Jeremiah that what He did for God was a higher calling than anything that others did in the world.

When God told Jeremiah to “go down to the potter’s house,” God was stressing the importance that Jeremiah’s calling and purpose on this Earth were of more importance than a career or money. Many preachers get caught up in things that make money only to forsake the calling that God called them to do. It is not that making money is wrong, but what God called those preachers to do is of higher importance than where a career can take them or of greater importance than what money could purchase.

When God told Jeremiah to “go down to the house of the king,” God was stressing that his position was of greater influence than a political position. There is nothing wrong with being a king, but the highest calling was to hold the position of being a prophet of God. If Jeremiah chose to run for political office, he would have to go down to hold that office because he held the highest office an individual could hold, and that was an office that represented the King of kings. There are a couple of lessons that you can learn from this phrase that will help you in your life.

First, what God has called you to do is the highest calling you can hold. My friend, there is nothing greater than doing what God made you to do. The earthly positions and material things pale in comparison to doing what God has called you to do. If God wants you to be a bus captain, that is the highest calling you could perform. If God called you to be a Sunday school teacher, that is of greater importance than being the leader of some country. Always remember that when you are doing what God called and created you to do is the highest position that you could hold.

Second, never think the position God called you to do is smaller than what others are doing. Preacher, never let the pulpit you stand behind become smaller than the podium of a political figure. Many preachers have lost their zeal for God because the pulpit lost its importance in their mind. Many preachers have felt that they could influence more people by being a politician when a politician has never done one thing to change the eternity of a soul. Believer, many other things will try to pull your attention away from the importance of what you are doing for the LORD, but never let what you do for the LORD become smaller than what the world has to offer.

Let me remind you that if you leave what God called you to do that you must go down to do it. Whether you are a pastor, missionary, evangelist, assistant pastor, Sunday school teacher, bus worker, or even a doorkeeper in the church, always remember that what you do for the LORD is of greater importance than anything you could do in the world.

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