God Hasn’t Changed His Mind

Romans 11:29
“For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”

Several years ago, my dear friend, Bro. Jim Clemensen moved the boys boarding school he started to Stockton, Missouri. The property he purchased was an old camp. I remember thinking the first time I went to preach for him on this property that he made a big mistake. The difference between Bro. Clemensen and me was that he could see in his mind what he wanted to do with that property, and all I could see were the rundown cabins and buildings that needed a lot of repairs. Needless to say, my vision was small. Today, if you were to visit the boarding school, you would see one of the finest campuses a boarding school could have. It didn’t come easy, and there have been many battles and obstacles to overcome, but with God’s help Bro. Clemensen brought the vision in his mind to reality.

God has the same vision for you. God placed you on Earth for a specific reason. You may be like the rundown cabins that Bro. Clemensen inherited, but God has a calling for your life that He will fulfill if you will submit to it. Every gift you have was given to you by God. Some of the gifts you have may be perceived as flaws, but in God’s eyes, those weaknesses are a gift because He will use them to fulfill His calling in your life. Christian, God doesn’t change His mind on His gifts or calling. Once God gave you the gifts to fulfill His calling, He never changes His mind. There are a few thoughts that I’d like to share with you concerning your gifts and calling.

First, God has a calling for every person. God would not have placed you on this Earth for no reason. He created you to fulfill His purpose through you. Your calling may not be to be a preacher, or it could be, but God has a calling for you to fulfill.

Second, God knew your weaknesses when He called you. I am always amazed of God’s power when I discover the weaknesses of the people He used. My friend, your weakness is God’s opportunity. If you will submit to God, He can turn your weakness into a tool He can use. Stop using your weaknesses as an excuse not to fulfill God’s calling for your life. God hasn’t changed His mind about why He placed you on this Earth just because you discovered what He already knew about you.

Third, your difficulties haven’t changed God’s mind about your calling. Just because you have come across a few difficulties doesn’t mean that God has changed His mind. God knew these difficulties would come when He called you, but that didn’t change His mind about His calling for your life. Instead of using the difficulties as an excuse to quit, use them as motivation to see God work through you.

Fourth, your opportunities don’t change God’s calling. Just because your gifts may allow you to make money doesn’t change what God has called you to do. Financial or positional opportunities don’t change God’s calling for your life. Your gifts will at times give you “greater” opportunities in the world, but don’t allow them to become a stumblingblock to pull you away from God’s calling for your life.

Christian, let me encourage you not to quit until God has fulfilled His purpose in your life. God has a calling for you, and your purpose is to fulfill that calling until you go to Heaven. You will never regret working through your weaknesses and turning down opportunities to fulfill God’s calling for your life.

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