God Hates Lying

Leviticus 6:2
“If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie unto his neighbour in that which was delivered him to keep, or in fellowship, or in a thing taken away by violence, or hath deceived his neighbour;”

How often have you heard someone say that each white dot on your fingernails represent a white lie? I never understood what a white lie was compared to a real lie. A lie is a lie even if we try to classify it as a white lie. One of the reasons society is in a mess is because lying has become acceptable. When lying becomes acceptable, truth becomes detestable. Telling the truth should always be one of the foundational parts of the character of a nation or individual. The verse above teaches several things about lying that will help you to become a better Christian.

First, lying is against God. The verse above says, “If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie…” You will notice that when the person lied to someone else that they trespassed against the LORD. The reason for your lie doesn’t matter to God; if you lie, you are sinning against God. Too many people think that God doesn’t care if you lie, which is an absolute lie of the Devil. The classifications of lies that God detailed in the verse above shows that there is no acceptable reason He gives for lying. For instance, lying to someone who you told you would never tell something is wrong. Lying to keep from offending a friend is wrong. Lying to get a better deal on something is wrong. Lying so someone won’t find out about something is wrong. Lying about finding something and not giving it back is wrong. No matter what the purpose for the lie; it is wrong!

Second, the degree to which you will lie reveals the true depth of your Christianity. You cannot be a good Christian and accept lying. You show me to what degree you go to tell the truth and I will show you the depth of your Christianity. Lying to make people look good is still a lie. Lying to hide sin is still wrong. Lying to protect your family is still wrong. Lying to protect your personal ministry or career is wrong. Just because you tell the truth when it is convenient doesn’t mean you are a person of truth. Telling the truth when it is inconvenient, or when the truth hurts you, shows the true value of your Christianity.

Third, the veracity of your word displays the quality of your character. How much should I trust you? I should only trust you to the degree that you tell the truth. You cannot expect people to trust you when they catch you telling lies. Don’t expect your spouse or children to trust you when they hear you lie to keep from being inconvenienced. They know you are lying, and that creates question in their mind as to what you are lying to them about. If you are willing to lie to one person, you are willing to lie to any person. You can only be trusted to the degree that you will tell the truth. If you wonder why people don’t trust you, look no further than to how many times you have been caught in a lie.

My friend, true Christianity still tells the truth all the time. If you expect others to tell the truth all the time, you need to be sure that you tell the truth all the time. Lying is never acceptable to God no matter the purpose of the lie. Always remember that you may be lying to someone else, but your lie is also a sin against God. The greatest revival a person can have in their life is the revival of telling the truth. When you become a person of truth, you will find the trust people put in you will increase dramatically.

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