God’s Choice

1 Kings 8:16
“Since the day that I brought forth my people Israel out of Egypt, I chose no city out of all the tribes of Israel to build an house, that my name might be therein; but I chose David to be over my people Israel.”

It is interesting that when Solomon talks about God’s blessing that he said, “…I chose no city out of all the tribes of Israel to build an house, that my name might be therein; but I chose David…” God didn’t choose to bless Jerusalem, but He chose to bless a man. God didn’t choose to bless a building, but He chose to bless a man. God didn’t choose to bless a landmark, but He chose to bless a man. God could have chosen anything to put His blessing upon, but He chose a man.

I have been to many places where the blessings of God used to be, but sadly those places are no longer being blessed because the person whom God blessed is in Heaven. I have seen Spurgeon’s Tabernacle, walked in the church auditorium where Lee Roberson preached, been to the places of revivals from the past, but none of these places still have the blessings of God upon them. Though these places may carry significance in history to the heart of the Believer, they are only a place where God blessed. There are four things I want to point out to you about God’s blessings.

First, God always chooses to bless a person. It started in the Garden of Eden when God chose to bless man over all of His creation. In the verse above, we are reminded that God chose to bless David. God always uses humans to do His work. The places where J. Frank Norris used to pastor are no longer seeing God’s blessings because He didn’t place His blessings on the buildings, but He placed them on a man. Never take for granted God’s blessings on your life or on the life of someone under whom you serve. When you have the blessing of seeing God’s bless a man, you had better enjoy every minute you have of seeing God’s power work through a man.

Second, God prepares the heart of those whom He blesses. God changed the heart of Saul, and he became another man when God’s blessings came on him. Likewise, God prepared David’s heart when God’s blessings came on him. You will always find that when God’s blessings come on an individual, their heart and thinking process changes because God changes their heart.

Third, God provides for the person. Throughout David’s life, God provided protection and provision for every step he took. You must always understand that when God calls, He provides. God never asks you to do something that He doesn’t give you the wherewithal to do it. If God has called you to do something, you can always rest assured that He will provide what you need every step of the way.

Fourth, God performs His Word through a person. Verse 20 shows that God did through David what He said He would do. God always fulfills His calling through a person’s life if they stay yielded to His Word and leading. If you obey, God will bless. The Believer is God’s tool of blessing if they will submit to His Word and trust Him every step of the way.

My friend, God wants to bless you, but He cannot bless if you don’t surrender. Stop thinking that God’s blessings are for someone else. God chooses to bless people like you, and you can be one of those people if you will yield to the Holy Spirit.

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