God’s Examination

Jeremiah 17:10
“I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.”

Whenever you go to a specific doctor, they examine the area of their expertise to be sure everything is healthy. For instance, when you go to a cardiologist, they examine the heart to be sure that it is healthy. When you go to an optometrist, they examine the eyes to be sure that you see everything clearly. When you go to a chiropractor, they examine the spine to be sure that your alignment of the spine is correct. Every doctor has their area of expertise that they examine to be sure it is right.

God reveals the areas of the believer that He examines to be sure they are right. Just like the doctor examines the areas of their practice and expertise, so God examines the believer in four areas to see if they are spiritually healthy. These four areas that God examines reveal the spiritual health of the believer. Let me take you through God’s examination to see how healthy you are spiritually.

First, God examines the heart. The verse above says, “I the LORD search the heart…” The heart is what determines your purposes and actions. It doesn’t matter what actions you perform on the outside; it is the heart that eventually determines what you are doing. Many believers focus so much on what they do on the outside when God is concerned with what is going on in your heart. Let me ask you, is your heart right with the LORD? Do the things of the LORD bring out the most passion in your life? When your heart leaves God, your interest in godly things will slowly diminish.

Second, God examines your decisions. The verse above continues to say, “…I try the reins…” Reins on a horse determine which direction the horse goes. God is teaching that He is very interested in your decisions. Your decisions are directly tied to your heart condition. What you decide to do will determine the eventual direction you go spiritually. Let me ask you, are your decisions spiritual or worldly? You had better be careful with the decisions you make because they will determine the direction you go.

Third, God examines your direction. The verse above continues to say, “…even to give every man according to his ways…” Your present actions may not be bad, but your direction of desires do dictate your eventual destination. Direction is just as important as to what is going on in your heart. In fact, your heart dictates your decisions which determines your direction. When your heart is bad, your direction will change. Your direction is a revelation of your heart. Let me ask you, are you doing less for God or more? When you continually lay aside spiritual responsibilities, your backward direction is revealing a heart condition. You can’t go in reverse spiritually and expect to stay up with a forward moving God.

Fourth, God examines your fruit. The verse above finishes by saying, “…according to the fruit of his doings.” The fruit of what you do is the result of what you have done lately. Let me ask you again, what have you accomplished for God lately? These areas we have already discussed will affect your fruit. What is going on in your heart will determine the decisions you make, and the decisions you make will determine the direction you head, which results in your fruit. If you want to produce spiritual fruit, you had better be sure your heart, decisions and direction are all in agreement with God.

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