God’s Hand Upon You

Ezekiel 8:1
“And it came to pass in the sixth year, in the sixth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I sat in mine house, and the elders of Judah sat before me, that the hand of the Lord GOD fell there upon me.”

If there is ever a desire that any Christian should have, it should be the desire to have God’s hand on them. The verse above shows us that God’s hand was on Ezekiel, and the result was a life used to warn many people of God’s impending judgment. However, this chapter shows us what happens when a person has God’s hand on their life.

First, God’s hand on your life causes you to see God. Verse 2 shows that Ezekiel saw God. This was a direct result of God’s hand on his life. When God’s hand is on your life, it will not be about you and what you have done, but it will only be about God and His greatness. You will never see God put His hand on your life if you are all about promoting yourself. The result of God’s hand on one’s life is that they see God and promote Him and His cause.

Second, God’s hand on your life causes you to live a separated life. God’s hand on Ezekiel’s life caused him to be lifted up “between the earth and the heaven.” You will find it won’t be hard to live the separated life when God’s hand is on you because your life won’t be about what others think of you, but your desires will be towards pleasing God. God will never place His hand on the individual who is not willing to live a life separated from the world.

Third, God’s hand on your life causes you to see your sin. Verse 6 caused Ezekiel to see the sins of the people. God’s hand on your life will cause you to see what you are doing wrong so that you can correct it. God can’t use the life soiled by sin to the degree that He can use the life that is clean from sin’s grip. Sin always keeps the LORD from doing through your life what He desires. If you want God’s hand on your life, you would be wise to keep a short account with Him.

Fourth, God’s hand on your life causes you to be obedient to His Word. Throughout this chapter, you will find that every time God told Ezekiel to do something, he did it. Christian, you can do your own thing, but don’t expect God to use you greatly. He uses the individual who obeys no matter how unpleasant obedience may be. There are times when obeying God won’t be pleasant or enjoyable, but it is always right, and it always produce the right results. If you are willing to obey the LORD at any cost, you will find that God will be willing to place His hand on your life.

Fifth, God’s hand on your life causes you to see the needs of others. Ezekiel saw the need of his country which was a result of God’s hand on his life. You will never see what others need with your own power. If you want to have the answers to help others or your nation, you need God’s hand on your life.

The result of God’s hand on one’s life is amazing, but how do you get it? The best way to get it is to be in the place where God is. Ezekiel was available for God to use him. You will never see God place His hand on you if there is something that keeps you from doing anything He asks you to do. You must be available to God, seeking His power to use you. The way to get the most out of your life is to get God to place His hand on you. Let me encourage you to seek God and His blessings fervently, because His hand on your life is what will make you fulfill His purpose for your life.

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