God’s Treatment of the Fallen

Psalm 37:24
“Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.”

I wish more believers would treat the fallen the same way that God treats them. It has been long said about believers that they treat their fallen worse than they treat people who got saved but have done the same sins. If believers embraced the character of God towards the fallen, the fall for the believer wouldn’t have to be a death sentence. In the verse above, God reveals how He treats the fallen. Let me share with you several observations concerning God’s treatment of the fallen.

First, everyone is capable of falling. God makes it very clear that everyone is capable of doing something that will cause them to fall in sin. It would be best if you always keep in mind that you are only one step away from doing something that could cause you to fall. You had best be careful that you don’t think you are better than the fallen. You are as capable of falling as the person you despise who fell into sin. Don’t let your pride cause you to think that you are above falling.

Second, there is always hope for the fallen. God says, “…he shall not be utterly cast down…” This one line gives hope to the fallen that they can be used again. It doesn’t matter how bad your fall may be, with God there is always hope. Man may have classified your sin as a sin that will keep you from being used again, but God is always there to keep you from being “utterly cast down.” As long as you have God to keep you from completely destroying your life, you have hope that you can be used again.

Third, there is always support for the fallen. The verse above says, “…for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.” The word “upholdeth” means to support. In other words, God will be the crutch who you can lean on until you are healed from your fall. My friend, you may think you can’t walk again, but God will allow you to lean on Him until you are able to get back into the yoke with Him to go forward in your Christian walk. You don’t have to sit in your broken state; instead, you can grab the hand of God that wants to keep you from being “utterly cast down” and let Him be the One whom you lean until you are healed from your fall.

Fourth, God is always merciful to the fallen. Verse 26 says, “He is ever merciful…” God never justifies sin, but He is always merciful to the fallen believer who wants to get back up and do something with their life. Don’t ever think that God won’t be merciful to you. There is no depth where God’s merciful hand can’t reach to pull the fallen believer out of the miry clay and set their feet again on the solid rock of truth. God is “ever merciful,” and He will always be there to help the fallen believer get back up.

Fifth, God will not forsake the fallen. Verse 25 says, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken…” Others may forsake you, but God will never forsake you. Others may criticize and attack, but God will never forsake His own, even when they have fallen in sin.

My friend, if God is willing to restore the fallen, why won’t you allow them to be restored? Your attitude towards the fallen should be these five characteristics that God practices towards the fallen. The fallen are our brothers and sister in Christ; let’s be willing to restore them instead of destroying them.

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