Grabbing God’s Attention


1 Chronicles 5:2 “For Judah prevailed above his brethren, and of him came the chief ruler; but the birthright was Joseph's:)”

How does a person stand out from the rest to God? When reading the book of 1 Chronicles, you see a plethora of names that honestly don't seem to matter, even though they must because God put them in His Word. Many of these names seem to have made little to no impact with their time on earth. However, there are some things that jump out that God stopped and further expounded on the actions of certain people or groups. In other words, these people or groups that He expounded on got His attention.

One great desire of my life is to grab God’s attention. I do not want to go through life just being another person who took up space on God’s earth. Don't get me wrong, God cares for and loves every individual, but there are some who get His attention because of certain qualities or actions that are different from the others. The things that grabbed God’s attention in 1 Chronicles 5 will still grab His attention today if you would do the actions that caught His attention. Let me share three things that grabbed God’s attention.

First, Judah “prevailed” above his brethren. In other words, Judah didn't settle for what life gave him; rather, he chose to better his life, and he prevailed. Judah was not the firstborn, and the birthright was not his, but he became the chief ruler by prevailing over his brethren. You can let life conquer you, or you can choose to conquer what life has brought against you. You can stay where you are and be like everyone else, or you can rise above the rest by choosing to conquer life. It grabs God’s attention when someone chooses not to stay where they are, but they choose to work harder, learn more, and attempt more than anyone else around them. You can always have an excuse to stay where you are, but it is those who don’t settle to stay where they are but rise above the rest that grabs God’s attention. It is the church that doesn't settle to be like every other church that grab God’s attention. It is the believer who chooses not to be like every other believer, but they choose to do more than others that grab God’s attention. You will always grab God’s attention when you choose to rise above where you are by working hard to be more than what others expect you to be.

Second, in verse 18, the two and a half tribes were “valiant men.” In other words, it was the fact that these tribes didn't run from danger or a challenge that grabbed God’s attention. You will never grab God’s attention by settling for the status quo. You grab God’s attention by being valiant to accept the challenge to attempt great things for God. Anybody can accept the status quo, but those who grab God’s attention are those who turn obstacles and danger into a challenge to do something great for Him.

Third, in verse 20, the two and a half tribes put their “trust” in the LORD. The fact that they believed in God’s omnipotence to help them in their difficulties is what grabbed God’s attention. You will grab God’s attention if you will stop waiting until you understand everything that God is doing in your life and just trust Him enough to obey Him.

My friend, the reason these three things grab God’s attention is because so few people will do them. Do you want to grab God’s attention? If you do, let these three actions become a part of your life, and your life will grab God’s attention.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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