Great Day in Rockwell, NC

Today I started a meeting at the West Park Baptist Church in Rockwell, NC. Pastor Charley Carver has been the pastor at this church for 29 years. It is an amazing church! Today the auditorium was filled with people coming to church to have God work in their hearts. God certainly did so with the altars filled this morning and tonight. I would invite anyone in this area to support the meeting Monday and Tuesday evening at 7pm.

I have known Pastor Carver for many years. What I enjoy about Pastor Carver is his love for the old paths. Though he has recently endured some battles in his church, he unapologetically stands for the old paths. This is the type of preacher that this country had when it was strong. I appreciate the people at West Park Baptist Church and the hospitality they have shown to this preacher.

I look forward to seeing what the LORD is going to do in the next two nights as we continue to preach about the old paths. Please keep this meeting in your prayers that the LORD will do a great work in the Rockwell area the next couple of days.

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