Great is the LORD


Psalm 48:1 “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.”

When the psalmist talked about the LORD, he could only come up with one word to describe Him, and that word was “great.” The psalmist didn't say that the LORD was just a good LORD or an okay LORD, but he said that He was a “great” LORD. By using the word “great,” several definitions that I would like to share with you describe what the psalmist was saying.

First, he was saying that He was an exceptional LORD. In other words, Our LORD is not like any lord. Our God is not like any god. Our LORD excels far above any other thing that is worshipped. The LORD is abounding in His love, unprecedented in His power, and exceptional in His actions. There is nothing the LORD does that is second-rate, but everything He does is exceptional.

Second, the psalmist was saying that the LORD is unlimited. There are no boundaries that can hold our LORD. In other words, there is nothing our LORD cannot do. The fact that we have a LORD who is omnipotent shows that we have a great LORD.

Third, the psalmist was saying that the LORD is remarkable. There is nothing that the LORD does that is not worthy of taking notes. Everything the LORD does is worthy of our attention. When He speaks, we should listen. When He moves, we should follow. When He is silent, we should stand beside Him and wait. When He acts, we should observe and see the remarkableness of our LORD.

Fourth, the psalmist was saying that the LORD is perfectly pure. What makes our LORD so great is that there is no sin in Him and no flaw in what He does. You may find flaws in other gods, but you will never find one imperfection in our LORD.

Fifth, the psalmist was saying that the LORD is powerful, proficient, and essential to all that we do. The LORD is powerful enough to handle your problems, proficient enough to guide you through the troubled waters of life, and essential to your ability to make it in life. When the psalmist looked at what the LORD was, all he could come up with to describe the LORD was to say, “Great is the LORD.”

I point this out to you to remind you that no matter what you face in life, your God is great enough to help you. He was great enough to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, guide them through the wilderness, and bring them into the Promised Land, and He is great enough to guide you through every step that you take through the difficulties of life. You may think your problem is big, but you will realize how small they are when you see the greatness of your LORD.

Moreover, I point this out to you because the greatness of the LORD is worthy to be praised. The psalmist says, “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised…” As great as our LORD is, our praise of Him should be just as great. Let me ask you, why are you complaining about life when the great LORD has guided you to where you are in life? Don't you think He knows what He is doing in your life? When you see the greatness of the LORD and what He is doing in your life is when the complaining about life’s circumstances will flee from your lips. Let me encourage you to stop complaining about what the LORD has supposedly not done for you and start praising Him for His greatness in your life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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