Greater Works

John 14:12
“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

There is no doubt that God wants to do great works through the believer. Jesus said that those who believe on Him will be able to do “greater works.” God desires to show His omnipotence to the world, but His omnipotence is often hidden because of men who lack the vision, faith and work ethic for God to perform greater works through them. Greater works will never be done through you until several things happen in your thought process and work behavior.

First, greater works will never be done until you see your God as a greater God. One of the greatest hindrances to God’s omnipotence being seen by the world is how the believer sees their God. Too many believers don’t see God as omnipotent, even though they will say that He is omnipotent. To say that God is omnipotent and to believe in His omnipotence are two very different things. You will never see God do greater works through you until you can see that there is nothing that God can’t do through you. You will continue to see little to no works being done through you as long as you keep God in a box of mediocrity. My friend, if you want to see the greater works of God being done through you, you must believe that He is powerful enough to do them.

Second, greater works will never be done until you have a greater faith. When you believe in the greatness of God, you will have the faith to step out in belief that God can do great works. Simply put; your vision of what God can do must be great if He is going to do great works through you. A small vision doesn’t take a great faith. A great faith has a vision that goes beyond your abilities and takes God’s help to make it happen. Let me ask you; how great is your faith? How big is your vision? You cannot see greater works until your faith causes you to have a vision that is greater than your abilities.

Third, greater works will never be done until you see your works as great. Nothing should be greater than what you do for the LORD. You will never see God do great works through you when you treat what you do for the LORD as inferior to what you do for yourself and for your career. For God to do great works, there can be nothing greater in your mind than what you are doing for the LORD.

Fourth, greater works will never be done until you stop settling for the great works. When something great has been done, you must not settle until you see greater works. You will notice the progression from works, to great works, and then greater works. God is very capable of doing any work, but when He does the great works through you, you must never settle for His great works but desire for Him to do greater works. When you stop striving for greater works is when God stops working through you. When you settle for good, you will never see best. Likewise, when you settle for great works, you will never see greater works. Every time God does something through you, you should believe that He can still do more.

The key to greater works is to have a greater faith, a greater work ethic, and a greater vision than the last great work. When your faith never stops, and your work ethic is greater than anyone else’s, and you never settle for the last great work is when God can do the greater works through you.

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