Greatness Among You


Matthew 20:26 “But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;”

As Jesus came towards the end of His ministry on earth, the disciples were squabbling about who would be the greatest among them. They, like every generation, were more concerned about who would be the greatest among themselves. They made a couple of mistakes in their thinking and desire. First, they were comparing themselves among themselves instead of comparing themselves to themselves. They desired to be great so that they could be better than the others instead of excelling at what they knew they could do, resulting in their greatness. Second, they looked to be appointed to greatness instead of doing what they were supposed to do and letting their works speak for themselves. Jesus set them straight by simply telling them that greatness would care for itself if they got busy serving others. There are several lessons in this statement that will help every believer to excel, which will help every church to become a better church. Let me share these lessons with you.

First, greatness is a result of action and not of appointment. People who are appointed to greatness instead of earning greatness are people who will abuse their position. On the other hand, people who earn greatness because of what they have done will continue to be great because they won't stop doing what made them great. Understand that you can't be great because someone makes you great, but you become great by doing the actions that make someone great, and that is serving others. Focusing on duty instead of on greatness is the key to where greatness is found.

Second, there is nothing wrong with a desire to be great. God didn't rebuke them for their desire, but he rebuked them for the focus of their desire. He wanted them to focus on being the best at serving others instead of focusing on a great position.

Third, you can’t be great without being a minister. When God talks about ministering to others, He simply tells the disciples to get busy doing what they are supposed to do, which is to help others. If you try to become great, you will compromise who you are to be great. Greatness will find you if you do what you are supposed to do without worrying about becoming great. The greatest believer often doesn’t know that they are great because they are too busy serving others. My friend, get busy doing what you know you are supposed to do and let greatness care for itself.

Fourth, you can’t be great by being like everyone else. The word “great” means exceptional. As long as you do what everyone else does, you will be like everyone else. What makes a person great is they stand out from the rest. How do they stand out from the rest? They do more than everyone else does. They don't stand out from the rest by changing what they are supposed to do, but they simply do more than everyone else does. Simply put, outwork everyone else, and the great results will cause you to stand out as exceptional. Greatness is not hard if you work harder than everyone else. You don't have to be more talented than others to be exceptional, you just have to work harder than others and your results will exceed the average. My friend, we do need great people today, but greatness will only come by you doing what you are supposed to do and doing it more than others will do it. Your results will cause people to notice you if you simply get busy doing more right than others do.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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