Greatness Displayed

John 3:29
“He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled.”

We live in times when people from all walks of life enjoy talking about “their greatness.” Sports personalities are probably the worst about talking about their greatness. When they do what they would perceive a great play, you often see them display antics because they want to bring attention to themselves and their “great” play. Needless to say, nobody has to tell them how great they are because they know it and will tell everybody about it.

However, greatness is displayed through the life of John the Baptist. John didn’t tell everyone how great he was, but everyone knew about it. Probably the greatest display of his greatness is found in the verse above. The ministries of Christ and John were seeing great results. When people came to John about the miracles of Christ, he didn’t try to destroy the ministry of Christ to exalt his own; rather, he lifted up the ministry of Christ because he understood his place. This act of referring to Christ was probably one of the greatest displays of greatness that you will ever see.

Greatness never talks about itself. When you look at John, he didn’t talk about himself, but he talked about Christ. When people begin to talk about what they have done, they are only showing how little they are. Greatness never talks of itself, but it just keeps doing what it is supposed to do. Sadly, I have watched many preachers talk about what they have done instead of lifting up the name of Christ. I’m not talking about using illustrations in their life to help illustrate a truth, but I am talking about preachers lifting up their supposed successes to get people to be in awe of what they have done. Always remember that greatness never refers to itself.

Moreover, greatness is never jealous of another’s success. John could have easily become jealous of Christ, but he understood that more than one person could be used. When a person must tear down another’s success to lift up themselves, they are only showing how little they are. Greatness rejoices with others who are being used. Greatness understands that its platform can hold more than one person. Greatness doesn’t have to be the only one on the platform. God will never use the individual to their fullest extent who cannot rejoice in the victories of Christ through another’s life.

Furthermore, greatness understands its place in the whole picture. John understood that he was the forerunner of Christ, and he was completely comfortable with his position in the whole picture of eternity. If you want God to use you greatly, you are going to have to be comfortable with where you are placed in the whole picture. Don’t try to erase others in the picture of history just to get people focused on you. Understand that you are one of many whom Christ will use to further His kingdom. Hebrews 11 is a great example of people understanding their place and were very comfortable with it. You must be comfortable with others being a part of God’s plan if you want Him to use you greatly.

My friend, if you keep your eyes focused on Christ, you will have no problems in this area. It is when people take their eyes off Christ and place them on themselves when they struggle with another’s success. Stay focused on Christ and let Him determine how great you are in the whole picture.

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