Guarding the King


2 Kings 11:11 “And the guard stood, every man with his weapons in his hand, round about the king, from the right corner of the temple to the left corner of the temple, along by the altar and the temple.”

Parents often ask questions that they don't ask themselves. Parents will sometimes go to a pastor and ask him what he is doing to protect their child. Certainly, every child should be protected; however, the protections that the parents want the pastor to employ are not being done by the parents. Now, I know that some would say they are, but there are many dangerous influences that parents allow their children around at home that are just as dangerous, if not more, than some of the concerns they have about outside influences.

In the verse above, there were guards set around the young king Joash to protect him from the wicked Athaliah who wanted to kill him. These guards were put in place to keep Athaliah and her minions from destroying the king’s life. These guards were not just nine-to-five guards, but they were around the king every hour of his life. You see, all it would take was for the king to be unguarded for a moment for the enemy to destroy his life.

Likewise, just like Joash needed to be guarded every hour of his life, so your children need to be guarded every hour of their lives. Parents often want to know what people on the outside of their home are doing to protect their children, but I want to know what the parent is doing inside of the home to protect their children. There are many dangerous influences inside the home that will destroy your children without you seeing them. The guard in Joash’s life stood “with his weapons in his hand” to protect this young king, and every parent has weapons that they can employ to protect their child.

First, protect the body of your child. Parents often let their children run around when they should be very careful about watching where their children are at all times. It is not the teacher’s or pastor’s responsibility to know where your children are when they are in public; that is your responsibility. When you are in public, teach your children always to be where you can see them. If they happen to be in an activity where you are not present, be sure to teach your children the importance of informing you if someone makes them uncomfortable by hugging them or asking them improper questions.

Second, protect the soul of your children. The soul is the mind. The soul of a child is determined by the influences you allow in their lives. Parents often make the grave mistake of letting the television babysit their children. My friend, the music your children listens to, the programs they watch on television, and the digital games they play are influencing the soul of your child. Always understand that the actors on television, and the singers of the music your children listen to are preaching their vile sermons through their programming and songs. They are changing the mind of your child through their sermon. Guard your child’s mind by guarding the influences they watch through programming.

Third, protect the spirit of your child. You protect the spirit of your child by protecting their sphere of friends. The friends of your child will influence their spirit, and if you don't keep a close eye on their friends, you will lose your child to bad influences. Guard who you allow your children to be friends with and you will guard the spirit of your child.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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