Have Mercy on Me


Luke 18:38 “And he cried, saying, Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.”

The blind beggar had set at the curbside for years. For years, he cried to those who passed by for mercy. All he wanted was just a little money to help him purchase food. He needed money to pay his bills. He could not work like others could work because he was blind. This blind man had sat there for years, and certainly, people had given to him, but what they gave did not change his life. What they gave didn't give his sight back. What they gave didn't cause him to see the beauty of a rose, the canvas of God’s sunrise or sunset, or the ability to see the expression on another’s face.

However, on this one day, something changed. As he sat on the wayside begging, he heard a commotion. This was not the same noise that he had heard from the hustle and bustle of the day, but this was the buzz of people talking about someone great passing by. This beggar asked those who passed by what the commotion meant. When he was told that Jesus was about to pass by, he cried out for mercy. This cry for mercy was different from before because this cry for mercy had the power to change his life. When Jesus heard the cry for mercy, He healed the blind man, saved his soul, and gave him new hope for his life.

I want you to focus on the word “mercy.” The word “mercy” is the same word that comes from “mercy seat.” When the beggar cried, “have mercy on me,” he was saying, “have a mercy seat on me.” The mercy seat was where the blood was applied. The mercy seat was where the power of God rested. The mercy seat was where the Shekinah glory of God was present. There were two things this beggar realized when crying for mercy.

First, he realized he needed mercy to approach God. Every time you go to God in prayer, you need God’s mercy. Just like this beggar didn't deserve Jesus to do anything for him, so you don't deserve the privilege to talk to God in prayer. We only get to talk to God because of Christ. What you must remember was that if the high priest approached the mercy seat without the proper preparation that the power of God would kill him; he needed God’s mercy as he approached the mercy seat. Every time you go to God, you should prepare to meet with God in prayer and beg for His mercy to allow you to talk to Him. Yes, we can come boldly to God’s throne, but we still need His mercy to help.

Second, this beggar realized that the mercy of God meant that He had the power to change his life and life situation. My friend, the power that resides at the mercy seat that can kill a person who doesn't approach it properly also has the power to change your life and use you mightily. You see, where there is God’s mercy, there is God’s power. Never forget that God has the power to save the soul of the lost, restore hope for the fallen, and use the surrendered in mighty power to do the miraculous.

What is it that you need from God today? You have the opportunity every day for God to pass by your life, but are you crying for mercy? Yes, you need God’s mercy to approach Him, but you need God’s mercy so that He would use His power to use someone like you. The fact that God is merciful means that He wants to exercise His mercy in your life so that He can use you mightily; don’t waste His mercy and power by letting Him pass by without you calling for mercy.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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