Have Patience with Me

February 13, 2023

Matthew 18:26

The servant therefore fell down, and worshipped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.

The lord came to his servant who owed him money and demanded that he pay his debt. This servant didn’t have the money to pay all the debt. He knew that if he did not pay this debt that his family would be sold as slaves, and he likely could be placed in prison. In his desperation, he cried to the lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.

This answer is the key to financial stability. Too many are impatient with their finances and want everything right now, and that impatience puts them in financial disarray. Anyone who is financially stable had to learn that patience is the key to finances. Nobody gets rich overnight, and nobody gets out of debt overnight. Yes, it is easy to get yourself into a financial mess, but patience will dig you out of your financial hole.

When I deal with people who are asking for financial advice, one of the things I must teach them is their need for patience to get themselves where they need to be financially. I always tell them that if they are patient with the process, they will enjoy the destination that patience will bring them financially. Let me share four areas where you need to be patient financially.

First, be patient with paying off debt. If you are in debt, you did not get into that situation overnight. Now, it does take more time to get out of debt than it does to get into debt, and that is why you need to be patient as you pay off debt. Many get discouraged with how slow it seems to be getting themselves out of the financial hole, but if they stick with the tighter budget and the paying off of their debt, they will like the financial stability their patience gives.


Second, be patient with the purchase of possessions. You cannot continue to spend and get yourself out of debt. You are going to have to put reigns on your finances and not let possessions woo you into getting into more debt. Most of the possessions that you want today are just wants, and those wants will change tomorrow. If you are patient with your spending on possessions, you will find that you can avert much debt because the passion for the possession will quickly dissipate if you wait.

Third, be patient with building your rainy day fund. Everyone needs money set aside for those tight days when emergencies arise, but too many are impatient with building that fund. I have learned that it will likely take you a year of setting aside to get a small rainy day fund set up. Even if you have debt, you must set up that rainy day fund first because you don’t want to create larger debt if an emergency arises. Don’t be impatient with your saving; you will find that patience will give you that comfort zone in your finances which will give you a peace of mind that you are okay with an emergency arising if or when it does.

Fourth, be patient with stabilizing your future. Many want their investments to make them rich quickly, but the best investments build over time. If you are impatient and are trying to build quick wealth, you will find yourself getting into schemes that will cause you great debt in the future. Don’t waste your money on schemes. Learn to work the money you have, and be patient with the investment; time is on your side to build a stable future if you are patient.



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