He Increaseth


Job 12:23 “He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again.”

One thing that truly bothers me in our churches today is the lack of desire for increase and the toleration of mediocrity. With the fields white already to harvest, and with a God that commands us to pray for laborers, it would seem that believers would see the importance of increase in their ministries and churches. However, we must understand that God gives the increase, but that does not mean that we don't have to labor to see it. God increaseth the nations, but not without the nations working hard to see the increase. There are several principles about this thought of God increaseth.

First, God is a God of increase and not a God of maintaining or mediocrity. Too many are comfortable with maintaining the status quo when it should bother them when they have no increase in their work. Throughout the Scriptures, you will see that God is for increase. For instance, Luke 14:23 says, “…Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” God is not satisfied until His house is filled. Now, if God wants His house filled, and He is the One who increases, it would seem that He would increase your ministry if you labored and prayed hard enough until He increases it.

Second, God increaseth through your labor. God is not going to increase the lazy or the complacent. God always honors work and vision, and if you will labor in His harvest, you will find that He will give you increase. Don't expect God to give you increase if you have not labored to see the increase.

Third, there is no purpose for God to increase if you have no desire for Him to increase. Why would God give the increase to someone who has no desire for it? One of the big problems in our churches is that we have no desire for God to give the increase. Many have tried to spiritualize their lack of increase in their ministry when the truth is they have no desire for it. A desire for increase will cause you to set pleasures aside for the sake of seeing increase.

Fourth, a desire for increase is a desire of faith. The fact that you would want to increase only shows that you have a vision of faith. Increase is having something that you cannot see right now; therefore, to desire increase is a desire of faith and God always honors faith. It is not a bad thing to desire to increase. Yes, some try to make it sound that you are a terrible person when you desire for your ministry to grow, but the only reason they do this is to justify their dying ministry so they can continue to live in the world. When you have a vision of faith, you will find that you will also desire to increase what you have.

My friend, are you seeing increase in your ministry? If God can increase a nation, He can also increase your ministry. One great need we have today are for pastors, ministry leaders, and believers who have a desire to increase in what they are doing for the LORD. Please think with me; if we have an increase, that means we are reaching more people for Christ. If more people are being reached for Christ, that means that less people will go to Hell. What is wrong with this? The answer to this question is, NOTHING! Let me challenge you to stop being okay with the status quo and get a desire to increase your ministry. A great desire for increase produces a great prayer life for God and a great work ethic that labors until God gives the increase.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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