He Maketh A Way

2 Samuel 22:33
“God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.”

At the end of David’s life, he completely understood the sovereignty of God, and that everything God allowed in his life was right. I’m sure as David looked back at his life, there were many things that he did not understand about God’s way, but he never allowed those things that he did not understand to cause him to sway or leave God’s way. What I love about the verse above is that David was old, and He still said, “…he maketh my way perfect.” David never lost sight that God was not done with him in his old age. If you are going to allow God to do His work through your life, there are several things you must acknowledge about God’s way.

First, God’s way may not always be an easy way. The verse above never says that God’s way was easy; it just says that He makes your way perfect. Too many Christians quit serving the LORD or go the way of the world because the way of the LORD is not easy. My friend, God’s way is never easy, but it is always right. If Jesus Christ had to be crucified to make His way perfect, why do you think that your way should be easy? There are going to be times when God’s way is not easy, but you must continue trusting the LORD that He knows what He is doing in your life.

Second, God never said that you would understand His way. Again, it takes trust to walk in God’s way. David didn’t have to understand God’s way; he just had to choose to trust God so he would continue to walk in it. There are going to be many times in your life when you don’t understand God’s way, but you must trust that He knows what way is best.

Third, God’s way is making my way perfect. The verse above says, “…he maketh…” In other words, God is constantly working on you. David was an old man when he penned these words, and he understood that as an old man God was still working on making his way perfect. Christian, God is never done working on making your way perfect. As long as you have life, you are going to be God’s work in progress. You have to realize that God is continually working on making your way perfect, even till the day you die.

Fourth, God’s way may not fit into your way. David never said that his way agreed with God’s way. In fact, you can see that David agreed that his way that he planned didn’t agree with the way God made for him. You are going to find that the way you planned for your life is at some point going to disagree with what God’s way is for your life. You are going to have to accept that there will come a point in your life when your way and God’s way is a fork in the road. If you want your way to be perfect, you are going to have to accept that God’s way is right.

Fifth, God’s way is the perfect way. God’s way will never be perfect until you die, for His way is the complete package of your life. You may not totally understand the way of God, but if you serve Him till the day you die, you will find in Heaven that His way was perfect.

Sixth, God’s way can only be endured through His strength and power. You will never make it through God’s way without relying on His strength and power. Many Christians became bitter of God’s way because they walked it through their own strength and power. The only way to make it through God’s way without getting bitter is to walk it in His strength and rely on His power.

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