He Sought to See Jesus

February 23, 2023

Luke 19:3

And he sought to see Jesus who he was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature.

Zacchaeus heard that Jesus was coming, and had heard of the works that Jesus had done. When he heard that Jesus was coming, he sought to see Him but could not because of the crowd that thronged Him. You see, Zacchaeus was a short man, and he could not see Jesus because the crowd was taller than he. He came up with a solution to his dilemma: climb a sycamore tree so he could see Jesus as He passed that way. The desire to see Jesus and not let anything stop him from seeing Him is what led to Jesus stopping and telling Zacchaeus that He would go to his house. Not only did Jesus go to Zacchaeus’ house, but Zacchaeus got saved that day. He wanted to see Jesus so badly that he would let nothing stop him from seeing Jesus in his life.

This story reminds me of the lady with the issue of blood. She needed to touch Jesus but could not touch Him because of the crowds thronging Him. She worked her way through the crowd and finally got close enough to touch Him, and when she touched His garment, her issue of blood was made whole. This lady had such a desire to touch Jesus that she would not let anything stop her until she touched Him.

I am also reminded of the lame man who was borne of four. These men were trying to get this man to Jesus, but could not get into the house where Jesus was, so they tore the roof open to let this man down to Jesus just so that he could be healed. Their desire to get this man to Jesus drove them to remove any hindrance, no matter how bad it was, to get him to Jesus.

I am also reminded of Jacob who lived a life of deceit and was tired of the life he had lived. As he slept one night, he awoke in a wrestling match with God, and as God told Jacob to let Him go, Jacob told God that he would not let Him go unless He blessed him. God trying to see how serious Jacob was, touched him and put his leg out of joint, but Jacob would not let Him go. God’s blessing fell on Jacob’s life because he would not let go until God blessed him.

Let me ask you, how serious are you about seeing Jesus in your life? Are you going to let life’s problems keep you from seeing Jesus? If life’s shortcomings are what keep you from seeing Jesus, you must find a way to overcome those situations in your life so that Jesus can be seen in your life.

How serious are you about seeing Jesus? Are you willing to work through the clutter of life to get to Jesus so you can touch Him? Many things will keep you from Jesus, but you must be willing to push them aside if you are going to touch Jesus in your prayer life.


How serious are you about seeing Jesus? Are you willing to remove from your life what keeps you from getting to Jesus? Are you willing to lay aside your hobbies, activities with others so you can spend time trying to get to Jesus? Is whatever keeps you from seeing Jesus’ power in your life worth keeping you from having His touch on your life?

How serious are you about seeing Jesus? Are you willing for God to limit you physically so God can touch your life? Let me remind you that every person that Jesus has touched had something that could have stopped them, but they would not let it stop them until Jesus touched them. Whatever is keeping Jesus from touching your life with His blessing is not worth keeping in your life.



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